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  1. Hi Guys, I am from Winnipeg. I am new here. I need your opinions on a serious matter. My neighbor's house caught fire due to my fault. Last week, my wife & I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. As per our invitation, some of our family members and friends joined the party. As part of the celebration, we launched some sky lanterns up to the sky. The sky lantern fell on a nearby house that is three or four houses away from my home. It caused a fire accident. The homeowners called fire emergency services and extinguished the fire. They realized that it was a mistake from our side and came to question me. I apologized and promised them to do the damage repair works of their house. As suggested by a friend, I am planning to hire a fire restoration company in Winnipeg. Has anyone here experienced a similar experience like me? Are there any other affordable fire damage restoration services in Winnipeg that you would like to suggest? Will I have to pay anything extra as it is someone else's house? Please share your thoughts on this. Thanks!