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  1. Exterior gutter cleaning

    To reach your gutters, I suggest using a telescopic spray wand it comes with a gutter cleaning attachment. It extends the range of your pressure washer by up to 18 feet. Allowing you to reach those spots that you couldn’t reach before.
  2. Start-up In Window Cleaning.

    I suggest adding a Telescopic Spray Wand tool for your window cleaning. It extends the range of your pressure washer by more than 15 feet. Allowing you to reach high spots.
  3. Cleaning mold of Log Cabins

    Pressure washing might do the job, use this power washer floor attachment to clean flat surfaces fast and more efficiently
  4. Brown dirt stains on vinyl

    Have you tried pressure washing it? Using a https://bestcargurus.com/products/pressure-washer-surface-cleaner might help in doing the job
  5. Extension poles for gutter scrubbing

    I use this Telescopic spray wand in reaching my roof , gutters and higher exterior windows. It comes with a harness belt that comes with gives you more control and eases the strain and weight of the pole. The pole itself is flexible and durable as well.
  6. Having a surface cleaner pressure washer attachment can be handy in cleaning your deck and pool.
  7. Gutters

    Not a fan of ladders and heights either, that's why I got this amazing cleaning tool called telescopic power washer hand extending the range of my pressure washer by more than 15 feet. Allowing to reach the gutters and roof without having to climb those stairs.