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  1. Girl, 2, dies after drinking cleaning chemicals from soda bottle

    This article does not tell the truth behind this story. I am saray g mosso the older sister of Marily mosso and I know the truth behind her death. To start off she did drink the chemical that is true since I was the one who ran to my parents when I was 4 and told them she drank the chemical but the chemical that she drank only caused vomit and nothing else. It was even proven the chemical did not kill her because my dads boss at the time even drank the chemical to prove the point that the chemical only causes vomit. The real cause of her death was that the doctor who pumped her stomach to get the chemical out punctured her lung 3 times which caused her to have liquid go into her lungs. It was the fault of the hospital and especially the doctor who did not know what she was doing. I am writing this comment because I am bothered by the fact that this article makes it seem that it was my father's fault but it was no one fault ONLY the doctors and hospital fault. Since it was the doctors fault and was going to do time in prison my parents decided what was best was to let the doctor have her license removed since she had kids and my parents did not want her children to suffer from the mistakes she made. As well there is not much information on her since my parents wanted to keep her story out of the public eye as much as possible. Her death had a huge impact on me and my parents especially knowing that the police thought that it was my parents fault and even believed they abused me and my sister marily and that is not true at all. My parents are very loving and have always been there for me and have supported me in what I want to do. This is why I wrote this comment because this article bothers me knowing that it does not tell the truth behind her death. She will never be forgotten since she lives in my heart every single day and even my younger siblings who cake years after her passing also know her since we tell them stories on how she was like even if her time on earth was short she made a huge impact on everyone around her. Even if I was young when she passed away. Other than that I wanted to clear the information about this article and tell the truth since this article did sadden me since it is not the TRUTH behind her death.