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    "SDI is a family-owned company that operates under a very important motto: Quality is Job #1.
    SDI was started by Michael James Patrick Shannon in 1990 out of his own home garage. Since then,
    our company has evolved from a small home-garage business to a successful large-scale company employing over 65 people."
  1. Modern Pest now provides antibiotics and Sanitizing Services to the general public. This treatment uses EPA-approved substances to effectively eradicate the virus and is an effective treatment against current coronavirus (COVID-19) and viral infections. Our selection of comprehensive disinfectants is designed to clean inanimate non-living areas such as floors, walls, buildings, indoor air and other equipment. We clean your workplace by delivering an antiseptic solution using a combination of multiple household cleaning methods to reach and remove germs in common and hard-to-reach areas, enabling us to sterilize large areas in a short time, achieving full functionality and short rest time for your business.
  2. Stainless steel is the choice of many kitchen items for sale. This is not just for aesthetics: some stainless steel marks are resistant to bacteria. To keep your stainless steel kitchen appliances and equipment in good condition, use a damp cloth and a little soap to clean and dry on the go. If the detergent and water are not enough, as in the case of baked goods, use baking soda or a commercial kitchen cleaning. Clean the area and wipe immediately after cleaning to prevent contamination.