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    Novo-Torch is a reliable, safe, and powerful butane torch jet flame lighter. It has a variety of domestic, hobby, and professional applications, including but not limited to cooking, soldering, and plumbing. The stable and maneuverable flame of Novo-Torch allows for its use in making those perfectly not-too-much toasted breadcrumbs or gently melting cheese to more high-temperature applications such as metal soldering. The torch lighter has a safety lock that allows the user's safety while using the lighter. This safety lock is of utmost importance as it gives the convenience to lock it when it is within the child's reach and in staying away from any incident. The 2 different modes are available to use the lighter according to the user's choice. The refilling facility of butane is available, providing convenience to the user, not buying the same product, again and again, acquiring the butane and using it for a long time. One can also make adjustments to the lighter according to usage. The outer material of the lighter is aluminum and plastic that keep the heat inside and do not allow heat to reach the outer cover. For more: Butane Torch Lighter wholesale