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  1. Such great information... thanks for sharing
  2. Voice Communications

    I wish to know if a walkie-talkie can be used instead of a refuge call point, I have an issue with someone planning to use these housed in a box in a stairwell refuge point, i believe a proper call point should be installed but I need some guidance as to what is legally acceptable. My friends suggest a communication system is required for a refuge, its to which standard you install it. As far as I read in nrcradio site there is no substandard for the use of walkie talkie but there is for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of emergency voice communication systems, BS 5839-9:2003.
  3. We are planning to remodel a small bathroom in our house and add a shower. This is a picture of what we have in mind. We are still considering whether or not to tile the walls outside the shower. We will likely use Calacatta 4x12 subway instead of the the tile shown in the picture. Can you say what the tan tile is on the wall in the shower? We think it may be Crema Marfil 6x24. We are trying to figure out what would be the best match for the Calacatta. Thanks in advance.