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Cabots wood preservative


Here is a deck in Tampa that I finished last week. What a royal pain. It had Behr on it that was rolled on the floor, but fortunately not the balustrades. Even though the can said oil based, it did not strip with SH at any concentration and even Dads didn't take it off. I had to sand the entire deck to remove. This deck is completely under cover. I went with Cabots because I can get it locally at Lowes, and since customer wasn't sure of color, I didn't want to order AC. But when I got to lowes, they no longer carry the Semi Trans cabots, only the Preservative Wood Finish. Not real happy, but kinda stuck at that point.

It ended up ok but the first coat was really blotchy and had to go back and do a second coat. You can see it has a shiney finish, which I was not expecting! Nothing like the semi trans stain.






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