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John T

PWNA Convention in October 2012--will be special

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The PWNA 2012 Convention is coming up fast in less then two months in Orlando October 22-24. Check out the PWNA website for the Convention info at www.pwna.org

I'll give you a little secret here... Henry Bockman's hard efforts back in the day to make the "Clean Across America" to be successful and it was with outstanding and rewarding results has expanded into the PWNA's- Clean Across North America also know as CANA. It was Henry's groundwork and creation with the help of some others he has given credit to in the beginning that made this thing what it is today...

And now for the secret--Babe Ruth's Granddaughter Linda Ruth Tosetti and her husband Andy are coming to the Convention again with some more exciting news--- and me being a person who never forgets where things started from I do remember well the ones who helped Henry and believed in him along the way and most importantly I remember Henry talking about this before the PWNA ever even known about it yet and his vision was special enough and well thought out to work... and it did... and now it has grown to include the Ruth's. Henry and I could agree or agree to disagree because no ones perfect but Henry stayed true to the course with all of this and also was the brains behind some of the past PWNA larger jobs and with him and Matt Johnson behind the Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame Give back to this Country cleaning project which was large and the Lincoln Memorial give back project it all made sense for me to give back to this org. and Henry's volunteering vision.. and thats what where about to do. This was all thought out thru a few to get to we are going with all of this.

This is going to be an industry story that will give this industry some more recognition for the good deeds that many do and in this case it starts with the PWNA organization and once again Henry's vison....Just love the way something small can be so impacting to many all the way to a family who's grandfather was one of our greatest American Icons who gave back so much to the people and believed in giving back when he could... and now our worlds are about to collide with Babe Ruth's and Linda Ruth's tosetti's world

You want to see history happen at the start go to the PWNA Convention and see it first hand. You will not be disappointed.

John T.

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  • Here's a picture of Henry/PWNA's "Clean Across America" Project spearheaded by Matt Johnson back in 2005. There were at the same times we were doing these Larger give back projects, other very significant "Clean Across America" projects that were much more scaled down and probably more significant to the ones recieving these free cleanings. But once again in that case with Matt Johnsons vision to give back to our American pastime and Henry's give back to our Country when Henry and other PWNA members cleaned the Lincoln Memorial really put these PWNA Volunteering jobs on the map and into people's minds.

    This cover Shot of Me Powerwashing and one of my guys holding the rope was taken by Matt Johnson who submitted it to the Cleaner Times Magazine if I remember correctly(I'm not getting any younger
    Between those larger Give backs and this Ruth Thing my company collided with, the people I talked to...got it. There's other Industry affiliations and individuals who are helping me along the way for Documentation reasons and I'll release who they are, What Company or affiliation they represent etc in the very near future.

    This whole thing has not stopped working and the many people involved within this Industry from a few years ago to where we are today and where will be heading to in the future took team work. Some of this came with heartache,Some with headaches but its getting there and if there were never any volunteering known in this industry this would have never been here today.

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