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Trevor C.N

Rainy Days


This season has been so frustrating because of the immense rain in my area. Just this past two weeks we’ve experienced multiple floodings here in Central Ontario.

As I specialize in deck restoration, I haven’t been able to sand or stain decks with this constant moisture. It’s my second year in business, so I’m only privy to deck restoring, and haven’t tried anything else. I’m in a real pickle.

I need to find additional work for these wet days. I was thinking of maybe down streaming vinyl houses, or roof cleaning. I have a cold water machine - 3500 PSI and 4gpm. 1-2 man crew. Not sure what route to take.

What do you guys do in similar situations? Suggestions? Could I call someone up?

Thanks as always!


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Putting all your eggs in one basket is well......you know.

Diversification in your business should be taken into account because of this situation. I would encourage you to look into house washing and or roof cleaning. Neither are difficult to learn or add to your business and profit margins are why we don't do wood anymore.

Hope this helps.

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