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John T

Out with the old and in with the new.


Time for me to step away from the bulletin boards on a daily bases. Being around as long as I have on these sights and making a slew of good friends there really isn't much more I can contribute on the net.

I always believed in helping each other out when we could on the net which was always easier for me because I don't have the time to talk much on the phone.

As for my future plans I may take one more run at a PWNA BOD slot down the road(20% chance) and I also may help out some guys with some future events within this industry.

After seeing now how well these bb's run and the great job the Mods do on them and the frequency the membership post, it brings satisfaction knowing how far we have come since the days when hardly anyone post in the late 90's.

I may still post once in awhile but my goal is to fade away and move on.

Happy holidays and may your New Year be a healthy/happy and a prosperous one.

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