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When I was asked if I could come on as a PWNA BOD, I wanted to give back to my fellow members...to help them save real money through benefits that I may be able to acquire as a NON Profit ORG.Benefits that would possibly be closed to other organizations. Organizations such as  "Personal Profit" Companies that have paid members or "For Profit" Orgs.  But what could I do to make our NON Profit Org better? So I decided to give back in an area that I am good at....that is, discounts on the things we as contractors use the most and getting those discounts thru the NON Profit status.


In the few months since, I was asked to put a website committee together and build the best possible website that would benefit our members. I believe we did just that with over 350+ Web Pages. This was, and still is, a huge undertaking, but necessary to represent all members within the PWNA.


I was also asked to put together a benefit package that our members could really used, both seasoned contractors and the newbies. So I set out to do just that.


With the help of the benefit committee, we brainstorm what we thought would be a beneficial program to our members. Sure, it came up that we could flood the site with hundreds of benefits that most would not or could not use for one reason or another. But instead, we took a different approach.


I recently heard about discounts that really are not discounts throughout the web. We did not want this.


We wanted real and usable benefits that provided real savings that I could not get on my own without a NON Profit Org using their status as a non profit enabling and supporting the discounts behind them.


Here is just a few of the things that are already available to our members.




PWNA is now offering to its members a new Health Insurance Program. THIS IS A FIRST ! Open enrollment ends March 31st, 2014


This has never been accomplished before by any org. PWNA used its NON Profit status to obtain Benefits.


This new outlook on the PWNA is a real eye opener. New REAL Benefits are coming down the line.


We are also working on Business Liability Insurance that, through testing the system against J. W. Insurance. The PWNA Benefit of Insurance program, appears to be cheaper than any other discounts advertised on the web. This insurance also does not exclude water damage in the verbiage of the policy. That's right, some Business Insurance policies made for us pressure washers have a clause that may exclude certain types of water damage claims. We wanted to make sure that was not the case with the PWNA membership. This AAA Insurance appears to be cheaper than anything you can find on the open market and we are currently testing the market in several states. So far, we have beat ALL insurances on the market, even with advertised Web Discounts in place.


We need more contractors to confirm that the program is cheaper in ALL 50 states. So please, call 800-393-PWNA  to get into this great Benefit Program..


Already the phones are off the hook. New members are joining daily....YAHOO !




Health Insurance Program....



I personally went through the program with my health insurance. Afterwards, i end up saving $800 a month. I have the same Doctor, same Hospital, but my co pay / deductible went from 1,500 a year to 500 a year. So this was better insurance, yet I am saving $9,600 a year !


Another member tried it and he is saving almost 5,000 a year from his current health insurance.


These are real savings and more then pay for membership alone....But wait...theres more....


We are working on Dental Insurance as well. Yep...that's right Dental Insurance !!!


We also have Life Insurance too online as well.



But what about Hotels....hows up to 40% off Hotels .com pricing.


What about those who are paying for a web presence of $30 to $40 a month...How would you like NOT to pay that?


Well how about a FREE webpage that you design, you manage, you load your photos, video and wording. How about it be completely searchable with Yahoo, Google, Bing and other search engines. All of this with you paid membership of $349.95...so If you was to pay $30 a month for a web page lets see....30x12= $360. PWNA Membership is $349. Just this FREE feature pays for your membership.


So Health Insurance for you and your family could save you thousands....Web design page could save you hundreds...


What more you ask....


Here is a hint....What if you could get a discount on the items you use most in your business?


What if you could get travel expense discounts?


Need a qualified seasoned attorney? Not those prepaid legal services that are worthless, but a attorney that you can work with you and your issues if needed? What if you can get that too at a discounted rate?


How's FREE Business checking with a real "brick and mortar" Bank, not those faceless internet banks?


Oh there is so much more.....

Edited by Jim Gamble

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Jim welcome to the volunteering world.. you get asked to do alot and your coming thru big from what I am hearing. Those are some amazing benefits your posting about.

That website page for each contractor on the PWNA website is going to be huge for my business. I already am using Cullen http://longisland.pressurewashing.net/ to get my company higher on the search engines and Anya from http://www.uniqueamb.com/ who not only built my website last year www.cleancounty.com she is also going to do the SEO for us on a monthly bases. Rap that into the www.PWNA.org webpage for my company I should have the net part of my company in good hands.

Keep up the good work:)

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To the gentleman who called me and left a message without a phone number:



You asked if The PWNA will be offering Discounted Membership so that more members can join.


To my knowledge, there are no plans for lowering membership pricing at this time nor in the future.

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