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AC or DRP in a Humid, Rainy Mountain Environment


I've been talking to Jake Clark and Everett Abrams, and both of their products sound awesome. I know every loves AC, and that's what I intend to use when I use oil. Problem is, we get rain here daily during the spring and summer. Everett's stuff (DRP) looks awesome and he has a great reputation. Plus, he has been extremely helpful to me (as has Jake) and I want to return the favor by supporting his company. The thing that really turns me on to Everett's products is that moisture content is basically a non-factor. Has abyone used it? If so, what are your thoughts? I think it cod really be s good thing in my area, but I hear nothing but bad stuff about acrylics.....I want to give my customers the best work and quality for the money, and I don't want to keep them waiting for the weeks or months for the weather to cooperate......Any feedback/advice is GREATLY appreciated. Thank you!

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