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Variable Soap Blaster Nozzle....Great Tool!!!

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Wanted to share something great that I found works for me.


This tip is darn awesome,,I can do a whole house without changing any tips,,it fans from zero degree to about 60 and everything in between.


The size of the orfice is about the same as a .0040 tip,,it will reach way up over the second story(35-40ft) with a nice rain like rinse and minimal mist using a 4 GPM pump.


This tip works my 2.2mm chem injector to max efficiency,,plenty of soap sucking action!!!


Then when you get down below the second story you just twist the end to fan it out how ever you need it.


I am going to go to Home depot and buy a couple more tomorrow,I love this tip and recommend it to anybody here that down streams.Give it a try,it saves time,very nice not to change tips every time I get low or high.


The only bad reviews it got was too much flow for their squirt guns...lol


Tom :)




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