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How many partime or full time are shutting down for winter?


Any an all estimates now will be scheduled for the spring of 2016 due to cold weather in KY! How many others shut down this time of year?

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Thanks for the reply.


Also just want to say thanks to you and Beth for creating this community and wealth of knowledge.  And to all the contributors.


Was reading through this post of cold weather hints and point #2 made me realize we're missing the bypass line when running antifreeze.


We just use a funnel and pour until we see antifreeze come out of the whip.  Now I'll have to make sure to put a gun or a valve on to get it into the bypass.


That's one headache I now won't have.


I've got limited experience as a contract cleaner so far (5 years, but really only started learning in the last 2), but I am a techy guy so hopefully that's where I can help provide some knowledge.


I'll start a new topic in the next little while and see if there is any interest.

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