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Want to buy pull behind pressure washer.

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I have a large gutter cleaning service in Atlanta. What is the best pull behind pressure washer to buy?

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Do you need a tank for your water or are you using hydrants?
Do you need hot water (house washing etc)?

Many who choose this option (tow behind) are looking at expanding into

other areas of pressure washing so those may factor into the decision as well.

Flatwork: Washing patios, sidewalks, pool aprons etc., higher GPM (gallons per minute) are key

for rinsing and speed in completion.

Washing houses and doing flat work as mentioned above benefit from hot water.

Washing roofs doesn't necessarily require hot water but it doesn't hurt to have it

if needed.
Decks don't require hot water.

We are a bit favored towards Hydrotek machines and I am sure others who use different brands

will chime in and offer their experiences and testimonials all the same.

Dependability and durability are the factors we looked at before deciding on a unit and which

unit was key.

We started out with an SS series unit which was 4.3 gpm and 3400psi

Now that unit has been replaced (14 years later) with another SS 5gpm and 3500psi

Our other unit is a dual gun system 8gpm and 3000psi for one wand, 4gpm for two wands.
This one requires a tank for the high consumption rate and we have a 150gal tank.


Difference is....we have it mounted inside a sprinter van and have plenty of room for other equipment

and supplies.

The SS unit is in the back of an F-150.


Each has a great benefit to use but the most important feature is....no trailer.
In our area, trailers are difficult to navigate with in the cramped complexes and amongst the myriad

of landscapers which all have big, long and bulky trailers one has to get around.


Food for thought.



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