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New In Business... Looking for interesting ideas to get new business...

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So, this was my first month in business. I don't mean my first month "official" either. I mean my first month period soft washing. I've been landscaping 10 years, and running my own business over the years dealing with apartments, commercial, and such. So everything isn't new, but it's a learning experience. I've got the grasp of it down, I'm very good at washing, good at the business side, but still trying to perfect the sales and marketing. Which is weird, because I had that mastered in landscaping. I'm putting out about 1,500 flyers out a week currently. (Well Written) professional flyers. I've landed about 23 residentials, 10+ driveways,  a few commercials, a neighborhood basketball / tennis court, a swimming pool and club house, and a couple of pretty big parking lots, one of which was over 20,000 square feet. 

The only problem I'm having right now is building a consistent work load. My goal is to be able to wash 10-15 houses a week solo. I'm about to start a facebook page and build a website, and get some seo. I'm currently acquiring HOA Contracts, working in the neighborhood, getting seen, then hammering that neighborhood door to door with flyers and talking to people. As mentioned I'm about to get a fb, website, and start putting yard signs in the neighborhood I'm working in each week.

What other interesting ways is there to attract new customers? 








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The internet is a good place to start. A web site and business reviews help people to decide based upon others experiences.
Not suggesting angies list or anything like that. BBB is better and more people trust it.


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You can expand your business by doing SEO/ SEM and SMM. You can hire anyone or can do it by yourself at a low level, these techniques will help you generating more leads with the proper HR support. Maybe this article can help.

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