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Cleaning my jobsite during COVID 19 crisis

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Hi all

New to the forum I joined specifically because of COVID 19. I am building a 120k furniture warehouse in nor cal, I am looking for tips to keep my crew members safe.

Currently we are staggering shifts so everyone is not in our job trailer at the same time and in our warehouse we are practicing social distancing. We are spraying bleach on all tools, gang boxes, entrances etc.

I am reaching out to the cleaning pros for any helpful tips and ideas. Thanks in advance.


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The majority of us work in the out doors so distancing is easy. I'd like to hear what the hood cleaners are doing since they are close together when working on them indoors.

Wearing gloves and washing hands helps cut down the spread. When people sneeze or cough, the area should be sprayed with a disinfectant and the surfaces addresses as you already have been doing.
The virus is transmitted through air, can last on surfaces and is contained in the droplets of a persons respiration.
Have people take their temperatures at least once a day. Twice if possible. Look for spikes and isolate that person or send them home.


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