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AAA Pump Heat Question

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I have a simple question and need clarification please or maybe a good understanding.   I have a Simpson machine GC190  w/Honda engine and a AAA-3200PSI/2.8GPM pump.   This machine had the OEM Triplex pump that was getting hot, leaked a bit of oil and thermal relief was spitting water occasionally 1st use. Simpson said a defective pump,  so I upgraded to the AAA pump.   This new "pump motor" not the "water section" gets hot to the touch.  Is this normal heat from the pump motor and also I assume it is picking up heat from being bolted to the hot engine block?   I repeat; the "water section" of the pump is not getting hot nor is it spitting water from the relief valve.  The last triplex the pump motor and water section both were getting extremely hot.  Please educate me on this subject.  Both these pumps have had good continuous water flow at all times by the book.   Thank you for a clarification.     

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