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Can I Softwash with 1,500 towing capacity?

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I'm somewhat experienced in SoftWashing Residental & Commerical jobs. I worked for 6 months as a tech for a Local Small Business that does Pressure Washing, Solar Panel Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Window Cleaning, surface cleaning, etc.

Now I am currently attempting to start my own small business, I have all the equipment to start. However, I am concerned about my vehicle's towing capacity. I want to get one of those cheap 5x8ft trailers that can hold roughly 2,000lbs and attempt to use a small water/chem tank and work with that to start out with. I already have spent money on good equipment, I rather not take out a business loan or go into more debt for a work truck just starting out, I have an SUV and a dream. 

I would be more than grateful for anyone with greater knowledge than me to give me any tips? 

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Determining weight capacity is a good thing. Next. Determine what will have weight and what amounts.
Water is 8lb/gal so you won't have a very large tank when considering the pressure washer weight, the hose reels, hoses and anything else you install upon the trailer.
The water tank is the largest variable as you may have guessed. Also to consider is a baffle system inside the tank to help with water sloughing inside. This can be dangerous with a barrel tank. Square tanks tend to be safer in this regard.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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