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Estimating Help Please

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Hello I am in need of some estimating help, I am estimating a 750 sqr ft building for janitorial services of course this would be the first time for me doing this. I already gave them a quote for a one time cleaning for the whole place for walls carpet cleaning, linoleum floor, windows and a MAJOR dusting down etc (this place is a pig sty, lol, no offence to a certain Marty/Martin from the other boards, lol) so I quoted them $400 for the one time cleaning I hope this was reasonable?

But he also needs a price for cleaning the building on a regular basis, weekly or other schedule, what I need help in is bidding on this part of it, #1 should it be done weekly? And #2 how much do you figure I should charge, #3 what services should be performed (empty garbage, spot cleaning, vacuuming, etc…)? I am the Chicago area, any other help appreciated, thanks & God Bless

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