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How Often should I Power Wash My Property In Tampa FL

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How Often should I Power Wash My Property In Tampa FL

Living in Tampa Fl means we have lots of exciting things to do! Property maintenance Projects like Power Washing in Tampa Florida is not usually at the top of our “Fun List” for most people! Today let’s talk about property maintenance and upkeep.

Power Washing in Tampa Florida

Power Washing in Tampa Florida

       Most homeowners and business owners take pride in the cleanliness of their place of business or personal residence. So the question is how often should I get Power Washing in Tampa Florida done to my property to keep it looking its best? This is an important question to ask because when mold, algae and grime are left on siding, fascia & soffit or even aluminum gutters, the damage can be significant as often times, after we clean the green and grime off the property, the mold has already significantly discolored the exterior surface particularly where it has built up and collected for a couple months.

         There are several factors that will affect the frequency you should be having your property professionally cleaned. First what is the property location like? Is the area surrounded by trees?  Is it near any unpaved roads? These factor will absolutely mean you should be getting cleaned about twice a year as mold, plant matter and dust will be saturating your property on a regular basis. What if  my property isn’t sitting underneath trees or off an old dirt road. In that case once a year my be all you need to keep the house clean. Just keep an eye out for mold forming and know that it doesn’t take long before it can damage the paint underneath and permanently stain the surface.


 What if I have a storefront in Tampa Fl? How often do I need to clean up on the exterior?

Power Washing in Tampa Florida

Power Washing in Tampa Florida

Again there are several factors you may want to consider. First of all check your lease ( If Applicable) and seewho is responsible for that upkeep. Are you responsible for this type of maintenance or is the landlord. After you figure that out keep these factors in mind. Is your location high traffic, does the image of your storefront reflect on the sales of your business, How do the sidewalks look, are  there large glass windows that get grimy and dusty if so how long does it take before they need cleaning? Don’t forget to look up under the eaves and covered walkways because in Tampa every insect you can imagine wants to build a web or a cocoon underneath awnings and in they cracks and crevices of stucco siding. As a business I believe image is extremely important and I would recommend cleaning up the storefront on a semi regular basis at least twice a year get your building cleaned and if you have large windows they need to be cleaned at least once per month to keep you looking great.

       Can you imagine going to a fine dining restaurant or a family dinner party and as you arrived you noticed the place had bugs and cobwebs all over the entrance and exterior? I don’t think I would stay long enough to order drinks and that’s probably what most people would do. Right? So ask yourself if a clean storefront makes a difference to your customers! Property maintenance is so important, whether you want to take care of your personal residence or stay looking sharp at your place of business don’t let grit and grime stay on your property. Power Washing in Tampa Florida is basic upkeep for your home or building so be aware of these factors and let’s get Clean To The Core with Pro Clean Tampa


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