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  1. Pro Clean Tampa Restoring Paver & Stone Surfaces If you have a Hardscape surface such as a driveway, patio or walk way, regular maintenance is to be expected. There may come a time when you will have to have Paver Sealing And Restoration done to revitalize and protect the curb appeal of your surfaces. Here in Tampa FL there are many factors that contribute to the life and look of your paver, travertine, brick or stone surfaces. Over time these factors can zap the curb appeal right out of your investment, leaving your hardscape surfaces unsightly and lifeless. Thankfully, there are great products and systems available, as well as Professional Paver Sealing And Restoration Companies in Tampa that you can count on. Pro Clean Tampa can Deliver the Results You Want at an Affordable Price. We Make It Easy to Enhance and Maintain Your Investment Today! What is Paver Sealing And Restoration For Stone Hardscapes? Paver Sealing And Restoration refers to the process of cleaning, treating, color enhancement if needed, re-sanding the joints and sealing the pavers or stone surfaces. This sealer penetrates deeply into the stone as well as the sand, stabilizing the joints and ensuring no insects or weeds can get into the cracks and displace the sand. Restoration protects the color of your stone from harmful U.V. rays. If Desired we can enhance the color of faded stones or add non slip additives to keep surfaces skid free. Here at Pro Clean Tampa we have the experience and the know how to bring out the best in your pavers and hardscapes. Restoring pavers and other hardscapes such as travertine, brick or other stone is a meticulous task requiring expertise and attention to details. Although the process is straightforward, it is easy to make a mess or in fact make matters worse. To Get The Best Results, the proper preparation with a systematic approach, and a little technique will go a long way in ensuring you get the most out of your investment. Pro Clean Tampa is here to take the guess work out of the restoration process. We have helped bring out the Best in many Hardscape surfaces throughout Wesley Chapel and the Tampa Bay Area. Why Have My Pavers Sealed By Pro Clean Tampa? Paver Sealing And Restoration is Vital to Maintaining the Value and Curb Appeal of your Stone Walkways Patios, Pool Decks and Driveways. Nothing adds Instant Value to your Investment faster than Cleaning and Sealing Those Gorgeous Stone Hardscapes. We can even add color to those faded stones and bring them back to life again or add non skid to the surface. This process prevents sand displacement from weeds and insects and also helps to stop the settling of pavers. Our sealing process can protect the pavers color from the suns powerful rays. We offer a variety of sheens to choose from. During the process if there are areas that need to be re-leveled we can repair those issues as we go. The main advantage to working with Pro Clean Tampa for your paver restoration needs is that we are dedicated to top notch service and developing life long customers. We want you to be so satisfied you refer your friends because of the outstanding experience. The Pro Clean Tampa Difference: Paver Sealing And Restoration Serving Tampa Restoring projects are one of those areas where only the best quality work will do and this type of job calls for top of the line products. The Seal N Lock line of Products are ABSOLUTELY THE BEST sealing products available on the market for Paver Sealing And Restoration. If you want the perfect shine and a blemish free finished product, that can give the maximum protection and life to the sealed surfaces, then you need our extensively trained technicians on the job using Seal N Lock Products. The Seal N Lock System TAMPA How Long Does It Take To Seal My Pavers In Tampa Fl While each project is different and varies in size and scope, Pro Clean Tampa is dedicated to completing all work as quickly as possible. often you can get back to enjoying your pavers and hardscapes in their fully restored luster with those vibrant colors that pop within a day of job completion. While the system we use is designed for cleaning, sanding and sealing in one day, depending on the project, restoration can take 1-2 days typically. The hardscapes will be ready for foot traffic within a few hours and can handle driving within 24-36 hours Our mission is to exceed your expectations, Protecting and enhancing your investment is our passion. We serve all of Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Land o’ Lakes, Brandon, Riverview, Lakeland, and everywhere in between! Call Pro Clean Tampa Today For Your Free Quote And Ask About Our New Customer Discount
  2. Pressure Cleaning Pools and Screens When it comes to screen enclosure and pool cleaning everyone agrees that a pool needs to be clean and the water should be clear, yet often the screen enclosure and pool cage itself are neglected. You may occasionally clean off fallen leaves but this doesn’t remove the dirt from the screens or eliminate the algae growth on the aluminum frame. Lets talk about How To clean the green and black mold off the frame and screens of your lanai or screen enclosure. What is the best and safest way to clean your pool screen? This DIY Task is a Challenge We outlined a simple step by step process for you to follow below and you can also learn “How To” tackle Screen Enclosure and Pool Cleaning by watching a series of videos we included on this website in the link beneath this paragraph. These step-by-step instructions and videos are very helpful for you as a homeowner. You can be sure that Pro Clean Tampa is here to help if you don’t feel up to the challenge. We provide world class cleaning up to 50 miles from The Greater Tampa Area and can refer you to a great local company if it is outside our service area! How To Videos Do It Yourself Screen Enclosure and Pool Cleaning Guidelines Assuming you own a power washer follow these basic steps otherwise you will be using a brush, bucket, water hose and a pump up sprayer. FIRST CONSIDER IF HIRING PRO CLEAN TAMPA CAN SAVE YOU TIME MONEY HASSLE BACKACHE AND RISK! STILL COMMITTED TO DO IT YOURSELF SCREEN ENCLOSURE AND POOL CLEANING ? FOLLOW THESE STEPS! Clean out gutters. Remove debris from the top of the screen enclosure. Spray surrounding plant life with water to protect from cleaning soap. Apply cleaning soap to entire enclosure. Clean frame work and screens from the outside first. Clean all frames on the inside and any flat surfaces near the perimeter of the enclosure. If you are going to clean the floor do this before cleaning the screens. Rinse most of the surface debris from floor. Clean the Screens one section at a time from top to bottom. Final rinse and wrap up you equipment and tools. Celebrate! Not Interested In Pressure Washing The Pool Screen Enclosure Yourself?! Washing your own screen enclosure by hand with a brush and bucket wielding a garden hose and spraying chemicals might not be a glamorous job but someones gotta do it! At least once a year cleaning is necessary if you want to keep the mold from damaging the exterior of your property! Even if you have a power washer this job can be a huge task for most Do It Yourself folks. Get It Done With Pro Clean Tampa NOW! FREE ESTIMATES 813-480-9093 How Pro Clean Tampa Handles screen enclosure and pool cleaning Cleaning technician arrives on the job Prepares job site and equipment. If pool equipment is on, our technician turns it off. Clean out the gutter with the power washer. Next depending of the amount of debris on top of the screen enclosure we either use a leaf-blower to remove all excess debris from the pool enclosure roof or If there is a lot of debris, Carefully rake off all loose debris from the screen by using the pool-brush. This is done by standing on the roof or with a ladder from outside of the enclosure. Blow all excess debris off of the deck before cleaning the pool enclosure in order to minimize debris getting knocked into the pool. Next we wet down adjacent bushes and shrubs with water to create a “water shield” which will protect the plants. We use environmentally safe products and processes to clean your home. In order to effectively remove algae and molds, we apply our soap solution to the entire pool enclosure and deck and let it soak. Pressure wash all visible framework and screens, removing dirt, algae and mildew. Pressure wash the pool deck leaving it clean. Skims any debris off the pool surface caused by this process. Turns the existing pool equipment back on. Final check to ensure the Quality of the job. Pack up equipment. Cleaning technician leaves the job. Do You Have Questions Or Need A Quote? CALL NOW 813-480-9093 Daniel Bianco Pro Clean Tampa 813-480-9093 As A Recommendation Getting the help of an experienced pressure cleaning company will save you the time and headache of possibly damaging your property by doing it yourself. Try our Professional Pressure Washing services and get your FREE Pressure Washing Quote Today! 813-480-9093 We are FULLY LICENSED AND INSURED! We keep our promises! We are on time or keep you updated, if we are running late! We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction! For more information about our Cleaning Service Give us a Call Now! Or check out this link to our Services Page. Remember all quotes are Free and New Customers get 10% Off all services
  3. At Pro Clean Tampa we have over ten years experience providing Power Washing and Roof Cleaning Services in Tampa. Pro Clean Tampa Is proud to serve Tampa and surrounding areas. We love Tampa so much we wanted to share a few facts about our neck of the woods! Power Washing and Roof Cleaning Services in Tampa Power Washing and Roof Cleaning Services in Tampa Tampa is a city in Florida right on Tampa Bay which is along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Tampa is a major business center, and is known for its museums, Sports Teams, Night Life, Entertainment, as well as tourist attractions such as Busch Gardens, an African-themed amusement park with thrill rides and animal-viewing areas. Power Washing and Roof Cleaning in Tampa means working in all sorts of great neighborhoods and serving people from all walks of life as Tampa is Culturally and Architecturally diverse! FREE ESTIMATES According to Wikipedia, In 1824, the United States Army established an outpost at the mouth of the Hillsborough River. The first civilian residents were pioneers who settled near the fort for protection from the nearby Seminole population. The small village was first incorporated as “Tampa” in 1849. The town grew slowly until the 1880’s when railroads were linked up, the discovery of phosphate deposits was made, and the arrival of the cigar industry jump-started the city’s growth. These developments helped it to grow from a quiet village of less than 800 residents in 1880 to a bustling city of over 30,000 by the early 1900’s. Today, Tampa is part of the metropolitan area most commonly referred to as the “Tampa Bay Area”. For U.S. Census purposes, Tampa is part of the Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida Metropolitan Area. Pro Clean Tampa Wants to be your go to Power Washing and Roof Cleaning Services in Tampa and serves the entire four-county area which is composed of roughly 2.9 million residents. CALL NOW Tampa Bay is also known for its nightlife scene and the variety that it offers. Every night of the week there will be music in bars such as rock, reggae, blues, country, punk, salsa, and jazz. There are a several happening spots with nightclub scenes such as Channelside and International Plaza’s Bay Street. Ybor City is widely known as the place to be at night, While the SoHo district offers the chance to mix and mingle with friends in an up beat trendy area of Tampa. FREE ESTIMATES When it comes to Power Washing and Roof Cleaning Services in Tampa, Pro Clean Tampa, we are dedicated to making your cleaning project easy and affordable. Every team member takes pride in going the extra mile to make sure we exceed your expectations with superior workmanship and outstanding customer service. Our purpose is to do the best job for you, at the right price, in the best time possible without all the risks and hassles involved in doing it yourself or using fly-by-night services. We want to earn your business year after year and we Invite you to see the difference for yourself. All Estimates Are FREE and New Customers Get 10% Off ….so Call Now! 813-480-9093
  4. For roof cleaning ...try using a Soap Tip or pressure tip for a 8 gpm power washer fit your hose with a pvc handle with a ball valve and install a power washing quick connect at the end. Use those industrial tips to get more distance with the spray... In regards to watering the grass with a delavan pump I imagine you can rig the end of the roof cleaning hose to have a regular hose nozzle on it...... I once used my roof cleaning pump and set up to treat my yard for fleas that had gone insane and needed like five separate spraying's !!! hope that helped
  5. Here is the Exterior Cleaning Soap I use! It Can Be Sprayed on Directly with A Pump up sprayer or Down streamed with the power washer!
  6. Hi check out this article about Exterior Cleaning Soap! I think it should be very helpful! Good Luck with your Project!
  7. How Often should I Power Wash My Property In Tampa FL Living in Tampa Fl means we have lots of exciting things to do! Property maintenance Projects like Power Washing in Tampa Florida is not usually at the top of our “Fun List” for most people! Today let’s talk about property maintenance and upkeep. Power Washing in Tampa Florida Most homeowners and business owners take pride in the cleanliness of their place of business or personal residence. So the question is how often should I get Power Washing in Tampa Florida done to my property to keep it looking its best? This is an important question to ask because when mold, algae and grime are left on siding, fascia & soffit or even aluminum gutters, the damage can be significant as often times, after we clean the green and grime off the property, the mold has already significantly discolored the exterior surface particularly where it has built up and collected for a couple months. There are several factors that will affect the frequency you should be having your property professionally cleaned. First what is the property location like? Is the area surrounded by trees? Is it near any unpaved roads? These factor will absolutely mean you should be getting cleaned about twice a year as mold, plant matter and dust will be saturating your property on a regular basis. What if my property isn’t sitting underneath trees or off an old dirt road. In that case once a year my be all you need to keep the house clean. Just keep an eye out for mold forming and know that it doesn’t take long before it can damage the paint underneath and permanently stain the surface. FREE ESTIMATES What if I have a storefront in Tampa Fl? How often do I need to clean up on the exterior? Power Washing in Tampa Florida Again there are several factors you may want to consider. First of all check your lease ( If Applicable) and seewho is responsible for that upkeep. Are you responsible for this type of maintenance or is the landlord. After you figure that out keep these factors in mind. Is your location high traffic, does the image of your storefront reflect on the sales of your business, How do the sidewalks look, are there large glass windows that get grimy and dusty if so how long does it take before they need cleaning? Don’t forget to look up under the eaves and covered walkways because in Tampa every insect you can imagine wants to build a web or a cocoon underneath awnings and in they cracks and crevices of stucco siding. As a business I believe image is extremely important and I would recommend cleaning up the storefront on a semi regular basis at least twice a year get your building cleaned and if you have large windows they need to be cleaned at least once per month to keep you looking great. Can you imagine going to a fine dining restaurant or a family dinner party and as you arrived you noticed the place had bugs and cobwebs all over the entrance and exterior? I don’t think I would stay long enough to order drinks and that’s probably what most people would do. Right? So ask yourself if a clean storefront makes a difference to your customers! Property maintenance is so important, whether you want to take care of your personal residence or stay looking sharp at your place of business don’t let grit and grime stay on your property. Power Washing in Tampa Florida is basic upkeep for your home or building so be aware of these factors and let’s get Clean To The Core with Pro Clean Tampa Procleantmapa.com
  8. Pressure Washing in Seven Oaks Wesley Chapel Pressure Washing in Seven Oaks Wesley Chapel.. It is like cleaning at a fine resort! Pressure Washing in Seven Oaks Wesley Chapel offers great oppertunities for residents to take advantage of our refer a friend discounts. The master-planned community of Seven Oaks caters to families of all sizes, offering single-family homes, villas, townhomes and apartments. Boasting nearly 1,200 acres of open space, undisturbed wetlands and conservation areas, Seven Oaks provides homeowners with a peaceful, scenic environment. The community has a 17-acre Sports Club that will provides residents with endless entertainment. Pressure Washing in Seven Oaks is one ouf favorite areas to work! The job pictured below was a challenge as there was a lot of ladder work and several spots that had to be cleaned from the roof. When it comes to house cleaning, It always amazes me what a little soap and a pressure washer can do to bring out the best in a home. This home was partially a challenge as it was a two story home and that always means extra ladder work. This project reminded me that when dark staining is allowed to settle onto soffit, fascia and aluminum gutters, even after cleaning, there can be permanent damage in heavily soiled areas. In the end this job turned out great and the customers were very happy. At Pro Clean Tampa we are Always Grateful for a reference. We were referred this job by a personal friend of mine for their neighbor. Thanks again for letting us power wash your home in Seven Oaks Wesley
  9. Power Washing At Estancia In Wesley Chapel Florida Exterior Cleaning Pro clean Tampa absolutely loves Power Washing At Estancia In Wesley Chapel Florida. Estancia is one of New Tampa’s newest master planned communities, and is located just north of the Shops at Wiregrass in Wesley Chapel. Pro Clean Tampa is cleaning up the neighborhood one house at a time. The homeowner’s in Estancia have such a variety when it comes to the structural lay out and exterior designs of the homes. We enjoy cleaning these gorgeous homes, making them look their best. All the different styles keep it interesting as we go. Home owners enjoy incredible amenities, including the exclusive Estancia Club, walking trails, neighborhood parks and more. One of our favorite projects to work on at Estancia is Screen Enclosure Cleaning. Our service handles this detailed task and revives those beautiful out door spaces. All in all, the incredible amenities, impressive home designs, as well as the features and community design make Estancia a community like no other in Tampa Bay. Thanks again for letting Pro Clean Tampa be the Go-To Cleaning Service for Power Washing At Estancia In Wesley Chapel. FREE ESTIMATES Here are a Few Community Perks according to Cal Atlantic one of the home builders at Estancia Impressive gated entry within Estancia featuring striking architectural details and a private neighborhood park with access to the Estancia trailway Excellent schools Abundant Shopping Nearby Natural Gas community, provided by People’s Gas. Power Washing At Estancia In Wesley Chapel If you or some one you know needs a free quote give us a call today 813-480-9093 Satisfaction Guaranteed CALL NOW
  10. Gutter Cleaning In Tampa Let’s Talk about Gutter Cleaning! Most homeowners don’t think much about the gutter system on the house until their rain gutters stop working or they become covered with dark stains. Pro Clean Tampa is here to assist you when it comes to Gutter Cleaning in Tampa and beyond. Tile Roof and Gutter Cleaning The fact is that the rain gutters on your house provide a critical service, for example they protect your walls and roofs from getting water damage. It doesn’t take very long for dark stains to form on the outside of the gutters and depending on where they are located, become totally full of leaves and debris. Today lets look at some thoughts and solutions in regards to gutter cleaning and maintenance From your local Tampa power washing and roof cleaning service, Pro Clean Tampa. FREE ESTIMATES Why clean my Gutters Rain gutters help to channel rain water away from your house properly and also deposits that water a reasonable distance from the buildings foundation. A broken or clogged gutter eventually results in the water becoming stagnant attracting mosquito’s and other harmful insects. Having clogged gutters can ruin your house inside out by allowing water to flow into your walls instead of down the spout. This water damage can cost thousands to repair. In addition to water damage the gutters themselves can be ruined. Stain damage can be impossible to clean off completely and gutters can become deformed over time by the weight of extra debris. It is pretty clear that Cleaning Rain Gutters should be a routine property maintenance check at least twice a year. Private Acorn Stash In Your Gutter! Is it time to clean my gutters: Questions and Answers Gutter Cleaning Questions: The first step in regards to gutter cleaning questions is to do a twice a year “check up from the neck up” in regards to the gutter system. Ask yourself these questions. Are the gutters underneath or nearby trees? Is there a lot of plant matter in the gutters or is there any plants actually growing in the gutter? (I have seen small Bushes growing in gutters before.) Do you see any green or dark mold on your gutters and down spouts? Is it the best time of year to take care of this. Should I hire a Professional to handle this service? If I clean the gutters Myself What should I Know? Gutter Cleaning Answers: Okay so we have done our Rain Gutter “check up from the neck up” so lets go further with what you need to know if you said yes to some of these questions and I’ll elaborate on some of the broader questions and why you should be asking them. Sometimes homes are underneath or surrounded by plants, foliage or trees and this almost always means you should be inspecting the gutters twice a year and cleaning them once a year. Lets say you find a lot of plant matter inside the gutters. This is a critical part of property maintenance and you certainly don’t want to put off removing that debris. As far as doing this job your self the main question is … If you feel comfortable using a ladder to clean out your rain gutters and weather or not you have the time to take care of this task? If the answer is Yes I can Climb a ladder, my balance is good and I’ve got the time, That’s Great! However if you are not comfortable on a ladder or are short on time you should consider hiring a pro to handle this task especially if you have a multi story building or gutters in between a screen enclosure and the roof. Safety First! When it comes to mold and staining on the gutters, keep in mind that it can actually become a permanent discoloration if it goes too long without cleaning. In some cases these stains can be removed with a special cleaner. expect a whole lot of elbow grease with this job. Depending on the variables it can be well worth it to just hire a pro to handle this tough task! The best policy is preventive maintenance by cleaning all exterior surface at least once a year with occasional touch up’s if needed. You can save a lot of money when it comes down to repairs in the long run by simple keeping the home or building clean regularly. Routine cleaning and maintenance is the best way to identify potential problems and prevent them in the first place. The Best time to do these checks is at the end of fall and at the end of spring. Typically there will be more debris after fall than any other time of year. Living in Florida I don’t have to worry about my gutter freezing, but can you image the damage a clogged, wet gutter could do to rain gutter system once it froze. Keep those gutters clean and let me know if you need assistance Gutter Cleaning in Tampa. CALL NOW
  11. Pressure Washing in Meadow Pointe Wesley Chapel Meadow Pointe is one of Wesley Chapel’s largest planned communities. It has over 8,000 built or planned single-family homes, multistory town homes and two-unit villas, as well as two elementary schools, one middle school and one high school. Needless to say Meadow Pointe a wonderful place to pressure wash at. There really is a nice neighborly feel despite being comprised of 43 neighborhoods, many of which are gated. Meadow Pointe has four separate Community Development Districts and Half of its 1,800 acres are conservation or recreation areas. Like many newer communities in the area, Meadow Pointe’s first phase was begun in the late 1990’s and construction continues to this day. Pro Clean Tampa is cleaning up the neighborhood in communities like Meadow Pointe where everyone is spreading the good word about the cleaning service we offer. Here is a photo from a screen enclosure cleaning job we just finished at a villa in Meadow Pointe. We love going the extra mile and this area came out so nice I am certain that these folks will be enjoying the refreshing clean feeling this space has now. There are a variety of homes and style in Meadow Point and we can handle all your cleaning projects from Roof Cleaning to Pool Enclosures we got you covered! PRO CLEAN TAMPA
  12. How Does Power Washing Improve Property Value In Tampa Increasing Property Value In Tampa With Pressure Cleaning might seem like an obvious idea, but did you know that when it comes to selling your home for the most money and in the best time possible, Curb Appeal is listed as the Number 1 factor according to Florida Realtors Magazine. If you haven’t cleaned the exterior of your property in a while, you may be inviting Property Value disaster. The dark green and black mold that sits on the surface, over time will permanently damage the paint. Painting is another factor in improving curb appeal, however routine pressure washing can add years to the life of the paint. Which will save you thousands in painting costs. At this point you may be asking how often do I need to clean my property in order to keep the curb appeal looking great! Check out this article for a guide on conditions that affect how often you need to have power washing done in the Tampa Area. Curb Appeal And Real Estate Now if you are involved in real estate as a home owner, a buyer, an investor or even as a real estate sales person you can understand how important curb appeal is.When you are buying a home for example, you are establishing property value by comparison shopping! Lets face it, we are going to buy a new home and there where two ideal homes available that are exactly the same house. both have very similar locations and are for sale at the exact same price. What factor would cause you to buy one house versus the other? Curb Appeal! The most obvious reason is because, for the most part, we buy with our eyes and emotions. Then we justify logically. If the home is in rough shape visually then it will take longer to sell. When it does sell it will be for considerably less than the home that was well kept and power washed regularly. What to consider regarding property value and curb appeal. Cleanliness is a huge part of curb appeal. Increasing Property Value In Tampa With Pressure Cleaning is a simple solution. Here are a few great question you should be asking your self in regards to maintaining high property values through solid property maintenance practices. How clean is my property? Are there bugs and insects making nest on the building? Are the gutters and down spouts stained with unsightly black streaks? Is it covered with dark streaks or entirely black? Does the roof look? Is the yard over grown and unkempt or well maintained? When was the last time that wood fence got washed? Is the exterior paint Faded, chipped or discolored by rust from irrigation water. What about the screen enclosure around the patio or pool cage? Is there any plant life attached to exterior walls? Are the screens dusty? Has mold begun to form on the concrete or other flat surfaces? A potential buyer would be looking at all of these things when comparing your house to another one down the street and you can be certain that the house they would choose in the above scenario would be the home with the best curb appeal! Pro Clean Tampa – Clean To The Core Our company has helped hundreds of people by Increasing Property Value In Tampa With Pressure Cleaning and Roof Cleaning services. Curb appeal is critical to maintaining property values. That’s one great reason HOA’s require routine maintenance. One dirty house in the neighborhood can mar the value of other well kept homes in the neighborhood thus reducing property values and sales prices for everybody! So if you are thinking of selling your home and you definitely want to get the most money on the sale of your property, lets get those cleaning projects finished so your home looks its best and puts you ahead of the competition. Realtors let your clients know its time to get serious about cleaning the house. Explain the benefits to them. Don’t let your clients listing go on the market until all the necessary cleaning is done. Wow those potential buyers from day one and earn the commission checks you deserve. Help the client net the most money by improving the curb appeal of their home. At the end of the day pressure washing on a regular basis is the best way to ensure mold won’t damage your paint or other exterior surfaces. Keeping your home clean adds years to the life of the house and helps maintain property values for the whole neighborhood. Increasing Property Value In Tampa With Pressure Cleaning If you know a neighbor who needs their house cleaned… Call Today and give them the gift of 10% off for new customers with Pro Clean Tampa Power Washing and Roof Cleaning and earn refer a friend discount bonus on your next cleaning!
  13. http://procleantampa.com/how-to-clean-wood-fencing-and-restore-the-original-color/ One of the most challenging things to clean is Wood Fencing. It is really easy to leave pressure cleaning lines on the wood itself and depending on the amount of mold and plant life growing on the surface of the wood it can be almost impossible to avoid making marks on the wood. We decided to give you some helpful tips to make this project easier and turn out better. Depending on the type of fence you are cleaning will determine the best motion to use when cleaning the wood. The proper motion is a sweeping pattern that makes sure the pressure is engaged away from the surface at first and “fanning In And Out” over the wood as you cleans and also making sure to disengage the pressure away from the wood surface. What causes lines in the wood is too much pressure and that happens mostly when the the pressure is either released or engaged with the cleaning tip directly pointing at the wood surface. In general maintain this “Sweeping or Fanning” motion throughout the cleaning project for best results. First thing aside from having some basic power washing equipment, observing safety precautions and proper cleaning technique is having a great soap to help clean the mold. A little chlorine with dish detergent and water can go a long way as far as power washing cleaners go. Once the pressure cleaner is running let’s start by soaping down the entire fence. Only soap the first side and work from left to right or vice versa to be efficient. Once we have soaped up one side let’s cleanse the line by purging the soap from the system. Change the soap tip out for a high pressure tip. Start at the bottom and clean the fence a foot up from the ground. Now you will want to clean following the grain of the wood. (The direction the wood planks are running in.) For example a stockade fence has vertical slats and horizontal runners that hold each fence section together. After you clean one Section move on to the next section. Clean a couple sections in a row then step back and rinse of the last few you just cleaned. Does it look good? Great! If not feel free to touch it up now! Continue cleaning in this manner all the way down the fence until you reach the end. Now my be a great time to move or adjust your power washer and hoses to the other side of the fence. Repeat the same approach on this side. Once we have cleaned both sides you will want to go back and lightly rinse off the first side you cleaned as often debris will be all over it. At this point the cleaning project is handled. Thanks again and stay tuned for more Expert Advice in our How To Clean in Tampa Fl series. ProCleanTampa.com
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