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  3. Petriwood or Cedarshield

    Cellular structure and pores of the wood are two completely different scales. Soft woods don't have pores. They consist of elongated fibers. Hard woods do have pores but I doubt these are the ones you are referring to in your post. The cells of the wood are closed and cannot be imbued with anything without compromising the integrity of the cell. Scientifically speaking, everything we do to wood happens at the surface and barely penetrates through to the substrate or underlying layers. Considering that this product is designed for cedar (according to the website), I don't see much use in pressure treated lumber which already has the protection installed. Cedar is best protected from damage by simply sealing the end grain with an appropriate sealer upon installation. Baring that, there is no practicality for this product to be installed unless it can be done before construction. Stains last longer on vertical surfaces due to lack of environmental degradation and UV exposure is indirect in most cases where this longevity is observed. My question with the claims to increasing/impeding wood dynamic expansion etc is due to the inability to access all sides of the deck boards/ends etc. Without installing it before the installation, I don't see the claim as reasonably accurate. Furthermore, using a silicone derivative to seal wood prevents any stain from being able to adhere seeing as they are notorious for setting up a repellent feature that stains are not manufactured to adhere. Keeping that in mind, its use on a commercial scale is unsuitable as homeowners are always looking to add their own flair to the deck in a color scheme(s) that compliments the landscaping and house. Having a bare deck greying from UV degradation and being unable to apply a stain that will have any reasonable duration becomes a deterrent. Applying this product before any stain would also Void any manufacturer warranty because it would impeded penetration considering the bulk of stains produced today are now hybrids and water based to begin with. Forgive the argument, but when it comes to wood, I am a champion of informing people and not just letting simple claims create a money waste situation for the customer or the applicator. In your post, I don't feel you have addressed these concerns properly and according to the website, did not find any evidence of compatibility with any brand on the market. That in and of itself is a problem because it sets up a liability for the applicator and unreasonable expectations for the homeowner since there are NO examples or proven trials, no accolades attesting the claims and no photos showing any duration that can provide any confidence in the products capabilities or applicable uses. As far as termites on cedar...yes, immature growth is susceptible but if a treatment is required, many stains on the market already incorporate a preservative. If not, there are alternatives that do not impede the application of a stain or sealer otherwise. Btw, the video and its presentation are outdated. CCA wood hasn't been produced since the ban went into effect 12/31/2003 most decks are now comprised of treatments that have little detriment to human exposure. Again, in the website, there are no photos or testimonials validating the claims. Rod
  4. Petriwood or Cedarshield

    So now that you guys have all theorized about how good this product is i have been applying this product for the past fourteen years and even though this line of discussion is dated probably id like to add my two cents worth to the topic. Now as you have pointed out with the uv protection that the pigment would tone down over time and make the boards succeptable to damage caused by the uv greying the wood out over time. The appropriate way of application ensures that it penetrates the cellular structure and actually fills the pores of the wood. There is not really a color to it other than a very vague tinge of the cedar oil. and the greying occurs over time not so much from uv damage but dirt and grime being on the surface of the wood. Not from damage being done by the sun. I always recommend to my clients that they take their garage washer and a little deck brightener to the deck annually or offer to include it as an annual maintenance program i suggest to my customers. If your worried about the uv and want to apply a stain over the top of the petriwood you can and i also recommend it as a pretreatment to my clients as once again it has filled the cellular structure. So the wood doesnt swell with the humidity as it cant penetrate it, the warranty protects you from cupping cracking and twisting so when it is applied it makes the wood more solid to put it into laymens terms. My stain jobs last alot longer than if i dont use it and i have had stain projects last upwards of 8 years on vertical surfaces as the boards dont expand and contract, so the coating applied doesnt have the substrate swelling up or squeezing so the coating is not damaged by the substrate it is applied to just the limitations of the stain itself. Also bugs hate this product, I applied it to a clients wicker patio furniture and you should have seen them come running out of it. Also ice doesnt form on it and that is pretty big if you live in south dakota, also that green slime on the north side of the house cannot grow on it. The silicone in the product is actually silane solution which is used to seal concrete on a regular basis and as you know you can stain concrete after the sealant has been applied. So that being said ive been using it about 14 years and it is a wonderful product and recommend it to any and all professional painters, and wood finishing pros out there. As far as the utility poles they are recommended to be treated prior to install by a dip tank process. and the application of the product for us deck guys is to apply the solution until it cannot be absorbed into the substrate any more usually two coats with a diaphram sprayer or bug sprayer you can use an airless but i suggest a seperate one for the petriwood because when it and water meet it starts to gel up and will harden in the material lines if you clean it out with water fyi. Hope this helps yall and you can add tints to it just has to be a powdered tint. Thats all the info i got for you guys to absorb. I hope it helps and yes it does work like it says I applied it to my fathers decking about 14 years ago no rot replacement of wood or dryrot on any surface to date every year i give it a wash and it still repells the water like it did when i first applied it.
  5. Ansul Systems

    We are a fire protection company that recently started exhaust cleaning. Thought it would be a great idea to pair the two. What I’m beginning to learn is 70% of new customers are using us because they just got a visit from local AHJ and need it done ASAP. They also want to haggle because they think they are bundling and should get both cheaper. So I tell them I will do a no charge for materials (plastic and towels) or handling (chemical use). 😁
  6. Clean & Clear Power Washing provides power washing, pressure washing, soft washing, and roof washing in Monmouth County and Ocean County in NJ. Below are some interesting facts about why power washing and pressure washing your home is very important: 1. Pressure washing can increase the value of your property. Your home is constantly being exposed to natural and man-made elements, such as wind, sunlight, rain, dirt, humidity, pollution, smoke, and more. These elements can adversely affect the siding of your home, your roof and the overall curb appeal and value of a property. Pressure washing at least once a year can help immensely. So if you’re looking to sell or rent your home, it’s obviously very important to keep the exterior looking great. According to experts, pressure washing can increase the value of a house by 5 to 10 percent. 2. Pressure washing your home will save you time and money. Besides maintaining the appearance and value of your property, cleaning the exterior of your home will help you avoid costly repairs down the road. If you don’t power washing your house, it becomes susceptible to dry rot and mold growth, which can cause early failure of specific building materials such as wood and paint systems. Another benefit of power washing is that it helps prepare the home for painting. Unlike regular scrubbing and washing of the exterior of your house, power washing and pressure washing removes deeply embedded dirt that needs to be taken care of prior to starting a painting project. 3. Pressure washing your home’s exterior protects your family. If you don’t clean your home’s exterior regularly, moisture, dirt, dust, mold, algae, and allergens can become prevalent and will affect not only the house’s appearance and value but also your family’s health. By pressure washing your home, you can prevent potentially life-threatening byproducts released by mold, rot, algae, and allergens from spreading. In the humid environment of summertime, pressure washing your home should be a regular maintenance task. To get your free estimate on your pressure washing or power washing project, contact us today and Clean & Clear would be happy to help!
  7. Looking for more of these:

    Yes, home depot carries them as Andrew stated. Many pressure washing distributors/repair stores have them as well. They are called 22mm twist fast connectors. The one pictured is the female. Rod
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  9. Looking for more of these:

    Not sure if you ever found them but I get those from The Home Depot pressure wash section but I am also in California. - Andrew
  10. bid site

    I would check with your local government websites often as they come up and go quickly. They typically have open for bid posts. I have done a few that way, just remember the award goes to the lowest bidder. With that being said I would ask (if it does not show) what the budget is and try to stay a little under as most companies pricing strategies will exceed the limit. Hope that helps! - Andrew
  11. Because this industry is so underground and not too many companies provide it, it can get pretty pricey. Start calling places and ask for referrals from the companies that don’t offer it. Usually you can find someone that way. It’s hard enough finding companies that will do it at all let alone inexpensive. I am not recommending it, however, you can get a policy for janitorial coverage which is pretty inexpensive. But if you are using a pressure washer you will be denied for the coverage...at least in California. - Andrew
  12. Depends in part on the type of product you are looking to apply. We use Titan sprayers but the important part is actually the spray tip. It determines the pattern, the vaporization and the amount of product it applies. For viscous stains that are thin, smaller tip orifice sizes are applicable. For heavier bodied stains like semi-solid to solid stains, a larger orifice would be the choice. After that, it becomes a matter of practice and awareness of the environment you are applying in that will ultimately determine the ones you use most. Rod
  13. hey everyone, im Jason and new to the boards. just wanted to bump this topic and maybe some of you guys could give some updated info. i have been in the fence/gate/overhead door biz for about 10 years. we almost do no staining and what we do stain is with a paint sprayer. i would like to do more staining but dont know so much about what sprayers i should be looking at. thanks for the help
  14. There is definitely a lot information you put out there. One piece of advice I can give you is patience. Just starting out you take the work you can get. Do quality work be ethical and follow through with all your promises and good things will follow. As you become more experienced and people tell other people about your services you will get more business. Develop networks of people that need cleaning done Realestate agents management groups that manage properties those should be the people you should be targeting I started slow ten years ago now I work for people that manage one hundred seventy commercial properties and I have plenty of work and turn some away Things do not take place overnights again patience is virtue Best of luck to you
  15. I mentioned this in a previous post, but I desperately need some help from someone experienced in this business. I started up last month. I've took on a bunch of work, 20+ houses, large HOA contracts, neighborhood pools, tennis courts, club houses, sidewalks, a few commercial jobs and so forth. However, I feel like I'm still not succeeding. I've been in the service industry for over 10 years providing a different service, which I had great luck with, however I'd like to really build this business and make great money at it. When I started, I had a lot of learning to do. Learning equipment, understanding productivity, pricing, how much work I can get done in a day starting out, and there was many more questions. Many of which I've answered for myself. With that said, there is some aspects of the business I still need help with, and that's why I'm here with a fresh post. Over the past month, I've targeted large residential neighborhoods with 100k to 200k homes. I'm not having as much luck as I expected. I feel like I could spot houses with mold all over the siding, and offer a half price house wash, and explain the benefits, and still couldn't get a homeowner to care enough to get it cleaned up. Despite me explaining the cost of replacing their siding down the road, health risks, or even just how much more amazing their property would look if it were cleaned up. With this said, I really started looking at my target audience. To be more specific, the homes I've been chasing after are $199. house wash homes, and 90% of them take me from 2 to 2.5 hours from load up to driving off. The problem is, I'm not finding enough people that care enough, for me to make a living. So I'm lucky enough to live in one of the biggest cities in the US. I live within 30 minutes of driving from 10+ very wealthy areas, most of which are 500,000 to 4 million dollar homes. These areas happen to be very, very restrictive with HOA, most of them are historic sites, where minimal new construction, and lots of old renovation projects are highly encouraged. With the above said, I cannot afford to keep chasing a lost leader, and throwing all my eggs in one basket. So after reading the above, does anyone think I'm chasing after the wrong crowd? I've calculated numbers over and over. If I were to switch markets, raise my prices $100. to $150. on house washes, and target the larger much more affluent neighborhoods in my city, I would have to wash literally (HALF) the amount of houses per year to make a good living. As of now, my current target audience, I need to pick up about 400 house washes to make a living. If I were to switch markets, that number would cut in half to about 200 houses per year. I expect it would take less marketing material and cost to pick up half the amount of washes, not only that, but I feel these high class areas would offer MUCH MORE add on services. As of right now, if I make a sell, it's a house wash or driveway only. I feel these affluent areas would want more wood restoration, pool patios washed, decks cleaned, and so on. I know there are many variables, but I need some answers from someone who's established. Am I marketing to the wrong crowd before I put too much money in and sink myself? Again, my current primary target audience is, middle class, 100-200k homes, $199. house washes. I have over a half a million of these home types around me within an hour of driving. Or I can focus my efforts on the affluent neighborhoods, $500,000+ homes, and have approximately a half a million of these homes to choose from. These homes and areas are mostly historic, with very high neighborhood ratings, lots of activity going on, lots of restaurants, things to do, high class and taste, and so on. I don't mean I would simply raise prices because of the home values, but the building structures and architecture in these historic areas would require a different level of service, and would require me to charge more. My ears are open and I'd love to hear from someone with years in the business.
  16. Thanks. It has been a wild ride to this point and we are a wreck each game. Me gots no finger nails left!!! Rod
  17. The internet is a good place to start. A web site and business reviews help people to decide based upon others experiences. Not suggesting angies list or anything like that. BBB is better and more people trust it. Rod
  18. So, this was my first month in business. I don't mean my first month "official" either. I mean my first month period soft washing. I've been landscaping 10 years, and running my own business over the years dealing with apartments, commercial, and such. So everything isn't new, but it's a learning experience. I've got the grasp of it down, I'm very good at washing, good at the business side, but still trying to perfect the sales and marketing. Which is weird, because I had that mastered in landscaping. I'm putting out about 1,500 flyers out a week currently. (Well Written) professional flyers. I've landed about 23 residentials, 10+ driveways, a few commercials, a neighborhood basketball / tennis court, a swimming pool and club house, and a couple of pretty big parking lots, one of which was over 20,000 square feet. The only problem I'm having right now is building a consistent work load. My goal is to be able to wash 10-15 houses a week solo. I'm about to start a facebook page and build a website, and get some seo. I'm currently acquiring HOA Contracts, working in the neighborhood, getting seen, then hammering that neighborhood door to door with flyers and talking to people. As mentioned I'm about to get a fb, website, and start putting yard signs in the neighborhood I'm working in each week. What other interesting ways is there to attract new customers? https://ibb.co/dqhEy8 https://ibb.co/cR62ko https://ibb.co/ncqbd8 https://ibb.co/cFS8Qo https://ibb.co/ej76d8 https://ibb.co/gbbPy8
  19. Sounds good Rod I hope your team wins the Stanley Cup
  20. Clean & Clear has been providing power washing, pressure washing, roof washing, and soft washing in Ocean County and Monmouth County in NJ all spring! We can wash your home, sidewalk, roof, deck, pool area, patio, and more. We can even clean your furniture! Check out this teak chair we've recently made look like new. About Clean & Clear Power Washing: Clean & Clear provides power washing, pressure washing, and soft washing in Monmouth County and Ocean County, NJ.
  21. Knocking on 57 here and I guess you just have to listen to your bones. I'll be going for a while but I am learning to let the hired hands do the most arduous tasks and select those that are specialized and less of a deficit to my body for myself. Rod
  22. Closing Bids percentage for 2017

    Troy I believe all of us have done work way cheaper that we should however as you progress and make adjustments
  23. I was just thinking the other day and asking myself how long I wanted to be cleaning since I am approaching 50. I would like to hear from those folks who are a lot older than me and see their thoughts
  24. $1900 contact me at 979-324-0375 if interested Portable Vacuum System. Gas powered pump, Portable media filter, Vacuum hose, Vacuum head and pole. Allows for excess media to be vacuumed out of a pool so as to not overload the pool filtration system. Media needs to be removed during vacuuming so as to not harden on the bottom of the pool. Water Blasting Induction System. Increase production with abrasive injected water blasting. Operating pressures from 3 to 20K PSI. System includes the 15 Degree induction nozzle, siphon hose, and abrasive pot to supply the media of your choice. (Does not include gun and wand assembly or Media) Used for Removal Of: Oil and scum buildup Hard water deposits Rust and mill scale Mold and mildew Multiple layers of graffiti Paint from all surfaces Contaminants from natural stone Stains from concrete and bricks Included Maxx Abrasive Pot: 150 lb.Capacity of Soluble Abrasives 225 Capacity of Hard Abrasives Polyurethane Pot 15 Degree Fan Nozzle 50 Ft of Siphon Hose Heavy Duty Welded Steel Frame Construction Can Be Used With All Conventional Media Good for various types of sand blasting media
  25. For Sale....

    Yes, There is a section of the forum specifically dedicated for this purpose for our members. It's in the Bargain Basement Section you can effectively post your equipment for sale. Rod
  26. Can I post equipment for sale in this forum?
  27. Memorial Day 2018 is here! Provided the weather holds up, you'll be having barbecues, pool parties, and backyard bashes all over Monmouth and Ocean County. Time to contact Clean & Clear to get that home and back deck washed. It's not too late! We can help with power washing, pressure washing, soft washing, and roof washing. Contact us today to book your free quote by visiting http://cleanandclearpowerwashing.com About Clean & Clear Power Washing: Clean & Clear provides power washing, pressure washing, and soft washing in Monmouth County and Ocean County, NJ.
  28. Selling my MaxxClean Induction System

    MaxxClean Induction System – includes water blasting induction system and portable vacuum system. $1900 contact me at 979-324-0375 if interested. Portable Vacuum System. Gas powered pump, Portable media filter, Vacuum hose, Vacuum head and pole. Allows for excess media to be vacuumed out of a pool so as to not overload the pool filtration system. Media needs to be removed during vacuuming so as to not harden on the bottom of the pool. Water Blasting Induction System. Increase production with abrasive injected water blasting. Operating pressures from 3 to 20K PSI. System includes the 15 Degree induction nozzle, siphon hose, and abrasive pot to supply the media of your choice. (Does not include gun and wand assembly or Media) Used for Removal Of: Oil and scum buildup Hard water deposits Rust and mill scale Mold and mildew Multiple layers of graffiti Paint from all surfaces Contaminants from natural stone Stains from concrete and bricks Included Maxx Abrasive Pot: 150 lb.Capacity of Soluble Abrasives 225 Capacity of Hard Abrasives Polyurethane Pot 15 Degree Fan Nozzle 50 Ft of Siphon Hose Heavy Duty Welded Steel Frame Construction Can Be Used With All Conventional Media Good for various types of sand blasting media
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