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  2. Lawrence Cleaning, a local commercial cleaning services in South Florida, has proudly continued to provide municipalities, condo societies, commercial buildings, and major event venues such as Bayfront Park, Lincoln Road, West Palm Amphitheater, and the City of Miami Beach with janitorial services for over 20 years. In order to safely and easily clean grease and sludge from city sidewalks, drains, and commercial assets, their alternative pressure and soft wash services use bio-augmented degreasers.
  3. Fall is coming fast. Leaves and all other debris will be all over on gutters so it’s better to be prepared now. As a new home owner, this will be challenging. If you find that you are experiencing some of these common issues with your gutters, then contact http://www.northcarolinagutterscompany.com/. They are a top Seamless Gutters company that offers excellent services and has the skills expertise to help with any issues you might encounter.
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  5. Starting up washing business.

    Wedesmeticulous proudly claim to be the top one in building glass and window cleaning services in Philadelphia and all over the countryside. We know the value of your property and the beauty of your glass windows.
  6. Coress wands available anywhere ?

    Check out the extension wands on this blog, here's a large selection of different price points. https://spotcarpetcleaners.com/reviews/best-carpet-cleaning-wands/Perhaps you will find something suitable.
  7. online cleaning company

    I have a side hustle business, along with my full-time job. I met with an accident about two months ago and have been recovering from it. I have started work from home for the job and couldn't concentrate on my business after the accident. I have a separate office just about 2 blocks away from my apartment. I asked for my colleague's help and we decided to start it again but the office hasn't been cleaned ever since the accident. I searched online on office cleaning companies as I was in no state to clean and came across several websites. My colleague and I don't really have much of an experience in this as there are so many available and we are confused about it. If anybody has previous experience in hiring such companies please do help in advising us.
  8. Which is the best carpet cleaning service company in Georgia?

    I am also in the same business and running a carpet cleaning edison firm in NJ. If any help you need regarding cleaning services, contact me anytime.
  9. Chuck Bergman Pressure Washing

    Softwash Roof Cleaning and house, cage, deck, pool area and cement power washing. Check my website for info - http://www.bergmanpressurewashing.com/ work thru 2012.xlr
  10. Are you sick and tired of seeing the mess and dirt around you? Are you pressed for time or a newbie to general home cleaning? Well, guess what? It is time for you to relax and enjoy your personal and professional life! House Cleaning Services is here to provide you with high-level cleaning services.
  11. Stained Ipe

    Rust is typically removed with Phosphoric acid. You mentioned a metal shim so that should be a good course of action. More dwell time as well. This stain looks to have been absorbed over time so it will have penetrated the pores of Ipe which is unlike soft woods which have elongated fibers instead. The sanders may come in handy after again. Now, as to the photo, this looks to be a caustic stain. Given it in a public use area, who knows. I would try f18 alone. Prepare you may have to do entire lengths of boards to keep the appearance more uniform. Brushing may also be helpful. Neutralize after. Rod & Beth
  12. We are a custom cabinet shop that serves residential and commercial customers. We specialize in kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels.
  13. Need Help Brand new commercial install of Ipe, roughly 1500 Sq. Ft. 9th floor exterior patio downtown Toronto Condo building. Something was stored on it. In one spot (not in the picture) there is clearly the shadow of a metal shim. Not sure what exactly was stored or caused the stain in the picture. We tried washing it with F10 and F18 followed by F8. Tried sanding. NOTHING. Any pearls of wisdom ?
  14. Marketing

    All sites need good SEO.
  15. Lessons Learned from 1st job

    house cleaning prices in Philadelphia
  16. NATA Books

    NATA Study Material & Books from SILICA covers both Aesthetic Sensitivity and Drawing Test - 10 Books (includes Free NATA Test Series) NATA Online Practice Course with 3000+ Sample Questions - at No Cost!
  17. Need a Professional carpet cleaning company?

    Same here, everyone has shared great information regarding not only carpet cleaning but also for home cleaning. Thank you all.
  18. We are roofing contractors in Cincinnati Ohio serving residential and commercial customers.
  19. I have always heard people who own them call them Lanai's. Pool cages sounds very.....industry speak. I could be wrong though. Rod & Beth
  20. Marketing

    BUY the PRESSURE WASHERS GUIDEBOOK here!!! It covers this topic.....
  21. Marketing

    All sites need good SEO. Organic rank is hard to come by. Make sure the text on your page reflects the key words your clients would use to find you. Beth
  22. Marketing

    Looked at your site and while it looks good, what is in it counts towards ranking in search engines. There isn't enough of the content to push your rankings so you likely get shoved several pages down in the search people may do. I did a search for: Naples Fl. lanai cleaning and your way down on page two. Your site calls it a pool cage. That isn't a common term people would use so stick to what is commonly used by your customers. I'll let Beth contribute here as this is her specialty. Rod & Beth
  23. Curious what machines or nozzles are best for pool cages?
  24. Marketing

    I had a website built for pool cage pressure cleaning and general pressure washing, but I don't think I am getting much from the actual site itself. Thinking of making some physical flyers, but where to put them or pass them out?
  25. Marketing

    What are some of your best strategies for marketing?
  26. Exterior gutter cleaning

    To reach your gutters, I suggest using a telescopic spray wand it comes with a gutter cleaning attachment. It extends the range of your pressure washer by up to 18 feet. Allowing you to reach those spots that you couldn’t reach before.
  27. Would you care to share your DIY stripper receipe?

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