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  1. Corporate Cleaning Services Question

    thanks in advance for any help
  2. Hey everyone! I'm in the process of exploring corporate cleaning services for our office, and I could use some guidance. Our workspace needs a top-notch cleaning solution that not only ensures a healthy environment but also meets our budgetary constraints. I'm curious to know about your experiences with different cleaning companies – which ones have you found reliable, cost-effective, and efficient? Are there any specific questions or criteria you recommend I consider when evaluating potential cleaning service providers? Any insights or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Home Cleaning Question

    Hey everyone. I hope you're all doing well. I have a bit of a cleaning dilemma and could use some advice. How do you deal with stubborn stains and persistent odors in your homes? I've tried various cleaning products and techniques, but some of these stains just won't budge, and the odors keep lingering no matter what I do. Specifically, I'm struggling with a few troublesome areas like the grout in my bathroom tiles and an old pet accident spot on my carpet. I'd love to hear about any tried-and-tested methods or specialized products you've used to tackle these issues effectively. Professional cleaning services Toronto
  4. Parking garage

    Determining an appropriate bid for a specific project involves considering various factors, such as the scope of work, labor and equipment costs, market rates, and the specific requirements of the client. As an AI language model, I don't have access to real-time data or specific knowledge of current market rates in the Chicagoland area. However, bidding at $0.10 per square foot for a project involving cleaning a 3-story parking garage with a total square footage of 480,518 does result in a bid of $48,051.80. Keep in mind that this is a rough estimate based solely on the information provided. It's crucial to conduct proper research, consider all project details, and possibly consult with professionals in the industry to ensure an accurate and competitive bid. Additionally, note that costs can vary depending on the level of dirt and salt buildup, any additional services required, and the specific cleaning methods and equipment needed. It's important to thoroughly assess the project and communicate with the client to ensure you understand their expectations and requirements. Ultimately, it's advisable to carefully consider all relevant factors and conduct a comprehensive cost analysis to arrive at a fair and competitive bid for the project.
  5. Acid staining new concrete....

    i plan on rinsing it down with water to clean out the pores of the concrete. im wondering if i should use some type of soap or detergent though. i know not to use muriatic acid or TSP, but would using soap and water hurt it? or is there another cleaner i should use instead? Im debating what type of acid stain to use as well, as im sure all of them are not created equal, and even more important the sealer. i assume home deport/menards will sell a marginal product at best? is this something i should order online so i can get contractor grade products ? I am thinking the kemico cola color will fit the bill for the floor... any recommendations for a wall color to compliment this floor? i will probably paint the wall, unless i use a facade like the fake tile or fake wood thats used for floors. sorry for the barrage of questions. any tips/advice is as always, greatly appreciated thanks
  6. How to clean concrete stains!

    Hello all. Well as you all may be well aware of, working on your car, makes messes, stains floors! I personally don't care to much but my land lord threw a fit when he saw some of my floor lol So he want it cleaned up! Heres what I have... Garage floor is concrete and the backyard has concrete pavers. The stains I have on there are, transmission fluid, pb blaster, grease, just car gunk/grease/grime stuff that fell of suspension and other parts of the drivetrain during removal. Heres the big one! I got a bucket and filled it with white vinegar to drop some suspension parts in, well after about a week it turned kinda orange and I took it out into the backyard and took out the parts layed them on the floor and sprayed them with my pressure washer. Left that orange tint residue on the floor, and that the one I cant remove! I have tried the simple green purple heavy duty cleaner, the purple power cleaner, I do have some of that kitty litter oil stuff, not sure if Im using it right because it doesnt exactly make it look like nothing was ever there, and thats if it even lifts some of the stain, dawn liquid soap.
  7. When covid hit my company in its very finite wisdom shipped my facility about 20 4L jugs of various hardcore liquid cleaning products. Most of these get diluted with water (one at a ratio of 50 parts water to 1 part cleaner) and we will never use it up or even come close. It's probably meant for floors and we have carpeting. I called one hospital and one nursing home and both declined to take any. The City of Toronto seems to suggest that we take it to a disposal site. I hate the thought of all of this poisonous stuff going into a landfill when it could be useful for disinfecting, and any advice or help would be appreciated.
  8. Looking for Suggestions

    Hi, Currently I am looking for a reliable and efficient contractor to quote for my new EA. Is there anyone out there who can recommend my own or some friend's contractors? Please share and list out those contractors who deserve to be mentioned. For the moment, I have gotten 2 contacts (through this forum). I am still waiting for their quotations. Wish to find more contacts for comparison.
  9. I wonder about this one. When we grew up, it was always once a week. You dusted, cleaned the bathrooms, washed the floors, and vacuumed. In the kitchen, it was almost daily, the countertops, sink, garbage out, any extra messes in the fridge and stove, etc. It seems w/ the busy lives people have and much working full time, it would be nearly impossible. Many have paid house cleaners. Is that how people do it nowadays? deep cleaning services 30a
  10. sealer over acid stained concrete

    no resposne to this
  11. Industrial Flooring

    I have a client that is interested in using one of the epoxy based industrial/commercial flooring products. The stuff you put a sealer and/or a de-coupling membrane down for and then apply the liquid epoxy with some added aggregate and then top-coat with polyurethane. Does anyone have experience with these products and/or recommendations for a manufacturer/supplier? Thanks
  12. Acid staining concrete.

    Did my first slab/countertop today. Easy Peasy. I was going to pass on it because I had never done it before but after researching it (youtube) I took it on and it was super simple. The condition of the concrete is very important. One thing I was impressed by was that after it had sat a while you have to wash off any excess and after I had done an initial rinse,it was not coming off any more, and this was after only a couple of hours. Good money-making opportunity. I used Lithochrome acid staining boston
  13. sealer over acid stained concrete

    Thought I had this all figured out, did a test patch (under stairs, wont be visible) and I'm not thrilled. Back to the drawing board? I'm trying to achieve a nice leathery-brown marbled floor (see first picture attached). Love the high gloss wet look, however I'm leery about that high gloss finish wearing away fairly quickly (quicker than a permeable sealer would?), especially with acrylic top coats. Hobby work and project garage with vehicle storage, in the northeast so salt is used (sparingly on our roads it seems...). Right now the garage is completely empty, now is the time - I'd like to do it once and do it right. I decided on direct colors acid stain - I really like the unique and interesting results an acid stain (should, typically) produce. After doing tons of research I thought I had decided on ghostsheild as a protectant, most likely 8510 but also wanted to try a little bit of their 5505 for fun. acid staining san antonio I did my sample, need to perfect my acid stain process a bit but I think I've got that under control now - put 8510 over half and 5505 over the other half of the sample patch. I thought 8510 was going to be the answer. But it doesnt deepen the stain colors at all, it just looks BLAH (which I knew... but just didnt comprehend how it would effect the final product). I really like the way the floor looks with the 5505, that wet deep color glossy look - but its my understanding that 5505 is an acrylic coating and it sounds like it wont hold up well to our uses (??). I set an empty grill propane 20 pound grill tank on the test surface, dragged it a bit, and there was noticeable scratching/discoloring. So, what do i do? 8510 with a wax over it to help deepen the color? 5505 and baby the floor hope it'll hold up well? If its not going to hold up I dont want to bother. Or investigate other options: How about some of these Polyuria or polyspartic? Not sure why I didnt focus on these to begin with? VOC's and cure time are not important, want to do it right. And while cost is always important, I'd rather pay more now and do it right. Help!!