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    • Since I happen to have a good 4200 psi power washer the manager of my mother's building has asked me to give her a bid to clean it up. 
      The bldg has mild darkening on some of the siding but the brick looks fairly good. It seems like a simple job but since I don't have any experience bidding something like this I thought I'd come here first. It's an L shaped building and each leg is the length in the first pic. The front, ends and back of the bldg are shown. The highest points are at the ends of the bldg at about 30 ft. 

      How would you figure the bid on something like this?      
    •   What is the difference in the carburetors for the EX27 Robin with the dual element filter and the foam filter, besides a $100 difference in price? Nobody seems to have the answer, Thanks!
    • Looking Forward to a Car Washer Today? Give Your Car the Best Wash A car wash makes up an important part of your car's maintenance. Not only does it keep your car clean or makes it look visually appealing, but it also helps protect the exterior and interior of your car. Unfortunately, there are a lot of us who still resort to a hose pipe and some dish-washing agent when it comes to cleaning the car. The truth is, car bodies are not as strong as they used to be. In fact, pressing a bit too hard on a door just might leave a permanent dent. This means that you must take extra care to ensure you do not damage the paint job. As necessary as a car wash is, you will only cause more damage if it is not done in the right way. One of the key factors that can help decide whether the wash is doing more good than harm or not is the selection of car washer pressure pump. This is something a lot of people do not put much thought into, and decide to stick to whatever they think does the job best at a good price. Most people usually opt for dishwasher soap since it is known to get the job done with minimal effort. Unfortunately, this ease of effort may come at the cost of having fine scratches all over the car body, and the paint might go dull sooner than you think. The only remedy to this problem is to buy a decent car wash liquid that is specifically designed for the job. These cleaning agents may cost a dollar or two extra, but paying extra now may be a better option than paying for a paint job a few years down the road. Also, these cleaning agents contain conditioner that can help keep the paint's shine for as long as possible, and help keep scratches off. Another place where most washes usually go wrong is the time when it comes to dry off the liquid. Old pieces of cloth, household sponges, and cheap car mitts must stay off-limits, especially for cars with darker paints. These materials are known to leave behind swirl marks and scratches, which may become even more prominent on darker colors, especially metallic ones. The best way to wipe off everything is to use branded microfiber cloth - something that can last you over a considerable period and that too without costing much. Microfiber ensures that the dust particles do not glide against the paint and cause scratches or scraping of any sort. The fact will make sure that you are able to make the most out of the car wash without causing extra damage is the type of car washing pump used. You can avail this machine as a single or a dual cylinder. Remember, it is better to be careful now instead of paying the price later! So, do your research and choose the best services. Car Wash Equipment Delhi is one such reliable service that caters to your car washing needs.     car washer
    •   If want to start my own kitchen exhaust cleaning company, and I want everyone to chime in outlining how you did it or how you would do it. My focus is on starting as fast n legitimate as possible. In a year or two I would like to be able to have enough jobs n contracts to support a full time staff of 3 people, starting with nothing as of now I'm actually going to be a couple hundred away from being broke after I pay my rent. I work cleaning hoods now, ducts fans, laundry vents, some big colleges, some mom n pops, nursing homes, hospitals hotels. I have the experience to supervise a company in the field I know that, what I don't know, or am unsure about is the process on how to proceed starting my own company, as far as initial work vehicle, initial equipment n initial costs, to minimize cost n maximize effectiveness. (What truck/  pumps/ brands of tools would you recommend?)        
    • Rick2 has some good points to consider.
      Protecting the customers property and preventing negative affects to the surrounding plants and amenities is important for your
      reputation as a quality cleaner.

      We use an M-5 to apply a degreaser and bleach mix. 3:1 (no proportioner).
      Start out with 3-1/2 gallons of water in a 5 gal cubetainer then add about 6 oz of degreaser
      and depending upon the severity of the mold and algae 1/3rd to a gallon of bleach and top off the
      container with water.

      The degreaser helps to address other common spills and lotions often on the pool aprons.

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