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      This forums is strictly for homeowner DIY questions, or for homeowners looking for contractors. Please read the sticky in this forum for guidelines.

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      Got a job lead outside of your area? Share it here and help out a fellow member. Email notification will be sent as leads are posted.

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      Topics such as house washing, roof washing, patios, pool aprons, tennis courts, driveways, and concrete.

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      Topics such as decks, fences, gazebos, docks, furniture, sheds, etc...cleaning, stripping, prep and sealing.
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      Discuss wood siding and log home cleaning and restoration methods. Logs, cedar, redwood, shingle and shake homes and buildings.

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      Discussions about blasting with sand, soda, glass, dry ice, etc.

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      Had a long Day? Kick back and hang out at The Club House. Tell tall tales, share your stories, run your mouth, or tell a joke. Just keep them clean…

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      Ask questions about chemical applications and various job safety topics.

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      Ask questions, learn how tools and equipment work, and figure out how to fix things.

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    • I strongly advise against using chemicals or pressure washing a leaky chimney before it's repaired. The leak itself is the primary issue. Focusing on cleaning the exterior might mask the underlying problem and delay necessary repairs. Here's why: Safety: Pressure washing can potentially worsen the leak by forcing water into cracks and crevices. Efficiency: Cleaning the exterior won't address the root cause of the leak. Potential Damage: Harsh chemicals can damage the chimney's materials. Prioritize fixing the leak first. Once the chimney is repaired, you can then focus on cleaning its exterior. If you're determined to clean the exterior before repairs, use a gentle cleaning solution and a soft brush to avoid causing further damage. Would you like to explore options for temporarily protecting the area around the leak while you wait for repairs?
    • Hi everyone, I'm planning to build a new deck at my home in Toronto and am looking for some recommendations for reputable deck builders in the area. I've heard mixed reviews and want to ensure I hire a reliable professional who delivers quality work. If you've recently had a deck built or have experience with deck builders toronto ontario, could you share your recommendations or any tips for choosing the right contractor? Any advice on what to look for in a deck builder or potential pitfalls to avoid would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for your help!
    • Get unmatched professionalism with Clean 24X7. They are your ultimate solution for End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne. We offer services for your needs. We pride ourselves on delivering immaculate results. They guarantee satisfaction and leave your space pristine for its next chapter. Choose Clean 24X7—where every clean promises a fresh start.
    • Feminine Energy, with its intrinsic qualities of intuition, compassion, and nurturing, serves as a cornerstone for spiritual development. By embracing this energy, individuals embark on a transformative journey that fosters profound self-awareness and personal growth. Nurturing traits such as empathy, creativity, and receptivity allows for a harmonious balance between mind and spirit.
    • Hello, I've tried doing research on protective lacquers that will prevent ant infestations as well but I've come up with some very contradicting answers. I found this forum and figured it was worth a shot. If anyone has recommendations for me that would be great some I've looked into are Cedar Shield and I've also seen some things around using a silicone based one to prevent ants building a colony inside but I've also read silicone is bad. I am very confused and would much appreciate any help or knowledge. I am unsure what kinds of wood I have but I do know one is cedar.
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