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  1. Typically a day is good enough dry time if you have warm temps and sun exposure to help it dry out. If not, give it 2 days so that the sealer can penetrate appropriately. Armstrong Clark is still a viable option. We use TWP 1500 series. Rod
  2. PT Pine Deck Finish 80% Stripped - Now What?

    If you are using the same stain, stripping won't be required unless there are any remnants in the stain that are not desirable Ie; mold, algae, etc. Rod
  3. Ipe Deck Wash

    Yes. It is ready for a cleaning and maintenance coat. Rod
  4. Ipe Deck Wash

    That is to be expected on Ipe. No product is going to fare well after a year on this wood. Rod
  5. Does the appearance resemble that of the photos in this threads first post? If so, the way to remove it is by buffing. If not the same, then pics would be helpful in identifying the issue and proposing a solution. Rod
  6. Looking for Suggestions

    We used to recommend Extenda-wand. Typically, there is only the one kind now available. Here is my google search results: https://www.google.com/search?client=firefox-b-1-d&q=24+ft+Telescoping+Pressure+Washer+Wand&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwierIK6hdjwAhWPGFkFHZ60B0UQ1QIwFHoECB0QAQ&biw=1152&bih=521&dpr=1.67
  7. Rod & Beth, I don't know whether you remember me from years ago but I am Hugh Gibson (copgib) owner of Gibson's Power Wash Wagon, Inc. out of Williston Florida. I have been in business about 17-years and have a question for you. All of these years I have been making do with regular wand and tips to reach any 3-story buildings I am cleaning. But as I get older I am in need of a telescopic pressure wand to make it easier on my back. Could you recommend where I could get a good commercial telescopic (24ft) wand at? Sorry to bother you two, but I remember when I started my business you folks were there also. There are a lot of companies out there selling cheap stuff so I need to find one that sells good professional items. Thanks you for you time. Hugh Gibson owner Gibson's Power wash Wagon, Inc.

  8. Curbside trash can cleaning

    London based company. I am sure there are sprayer units one can have customized for this. The biggest and most expensive is the sheet metal wash container and reclamation. Any Local metal welder can build it for you to the specs you have in your vehicle. Rod & Beth
  9. Stained Ipe

    Rust is typically removed with Phosphoric acid. You mentioned a metal shim so that should be a good course of action. More dwell time as well. This stain looks to have been absorbed over time so it will have penetrated the pores of Ipe which is unlike soft woods which have elongated fibers instead. The sanders may come in handy after again. Now, as to the photo, this looks to be a caustic stain. Given it in a public use area, who knows. I would try f18 alone. Prepare you may have to do entire lengths of boards to keep the appearance more uniform. Brushing may also be helpful. Neutralize after. Rod & Beth
  10. I have always heard people who own them call them Lanai's. Pool cages sounds very.....industry speak. I could be wrong though. Rod & Beth
  11. Marketing

    BUY the PRESSURE WASHERS GUIDEBOOK here!!! It covers this topic.....
  12. Marketing

    All sites need good SEO. Organic rank is hard to come by. Make sure the text on your page reflects the key words your clients would use to find you. Beth
  13. Marketing

    Looked at your site and while it looks good, what is in it counts towards ranking in search engines. There isn't enough of the content to push your rankings so you likely get shoved several pages down in the search people may do. I did a search for: Naples Fl. lanai cleaning and your way down on page two. Your site calls it a pool cage. That isn't a common term people would use so stick to what is commonly used by your customers. I'll let Beth contribute here as this is her specialty. Rod & Beth
  14. shark grip in A/C

    Armstrong Clark products do not have any resin system to hold onto a grit. Your suspicion that it wouldn't hold would be correct in that. If they want a similar appearance, you can try Sikkens SRD natural with the grit. That will hold it. One other thing. We always add a small amount of Japan Drier to help speed up the drying process and avoid the 'scotch tape' feel underfoot for weeks following the installation. It also helps to minimize pollutants sticking to it and later becoming mold embedded. Now for the cons. You will need to strip it to avoid the UV shift which causes the resins to darken making maintenance a bit more involved. Otherwise, I'd look into a product that has something that will hold onto the grit. Rod & Beth
  15. Need help Allison iron horse

    Envirospec was the company that built them. This should help. Send the tech a photo of that tag and a full picture of the unit, the pump, motor etc they may need. https://envirospec.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2tiYvpGG6gIV7MuGCh1MtQT7EAAYASAAEgImOfD_BwE Rod & Beth