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    Testing Testing Testing
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    Testing testing Sent from my RM-860_nam_usa_100 using Tapatalk
  3. Official TGS 2013 Fall Hunting thread.

    I may try Turkey hunting this year, we have too many here in Maine and they are damaging fields and eating food that Deer would normally eat. I've heard that Maine Turkeys aren't the best tasting, but we shall see.
  4. Tapatalk not working on my phone.

    The tapatalk addin has been installed since the upgrade and was working fine. Can you try removing the app from your phone and reinstalling it?
  5. TGS new format-- comments.

    Are you looking for anything in particular? Some things have moved around.
  6. What are your plans for Labor Day weekend?

    Hopefully finishing up on the garage organization project and then relaxing around a fire with family.
  7. Testing Grimes Scene's new bulletin board.

    Yes, upper right corner of the screen, it's now called "View New Content". It covers all aspects of the site, not just the forums.
  8. No no none no and no
  9. Ice has been building up at our garage door and freezing there, the snow is melting off cars over night and running in that direction. I should have kept up on it more. I chipped away at the ice a few weeks ago and then again tonight. I noticed that tonight, the top layer of the cement flaked off. It's the are where the cement is taper down to meet the driveway. It's very thin flaking however I am upset that I did this and want to repair it this spring so it doesn't get worse. Do I just use quickrite cement and trowel it until it gets smooth? Or should I use something else? Would sealing the garage floor with a good cement sealer help as well? Thanks,
  10. How to keep white sinks white?

    Hi Beth, it's porcelain. I'll try Tilex. Would you recommend to not use a mix of bleach and water?
  11. We have a bathroom sink with a white top, I am guessing it is 6 years old. The sink top has a slight dinge to it. Is it possible to clean that off? Also, we are going to replace another sink that has a white porcelene top, how can we keep this clean? Thanks!
  12. I want to lock in an oil stain that we have cleaned up for the most part; on humid days it seems the smell creeps out a bit and was thinking of locking it in with a cement sealent. This is going to be in a basement and was planning on putting it only over the stain. Thoughts, suggestions are welcome.
  13. Oil stain on paved driveway

    I have not yet got to repair this problem and before I do anything I just want to make sure: Should I dig out more of the spot of just put the patch over what I have now?
  14. Oil stain on paved driveway

    I put vinegar on the spot first and washed it out with water and then put lemon juice down and washed it off. The spot is hard but lightly squishy, some little rocks can be picked out. I've attached 2 photos. Should I patch it? I found a 50LB bag of asphalt at Lowes.