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  1. 2014 Pressure Washing Convention

    Adrian....supp budd? I hear ya....Life in the fast lane! Glad ya like the soap man....we launched a window cleaning soap - EBC GLIDE a few months ago....seems to be doing well from what we hear! RR at the end of July in New Orleans and then 7 days in the Carribean....get home and pack for Nashville. Be good brother....
  2. 2014 Pressure Washing Convention

    This guy is attending and looking forward to it!
  3. Sorry...not available anymore.
  4. Oil on Asphalt help...

    Tristan, We posted the below comment on our EBC FaceBook Page a few weeks ago regarding asphalt cleaning. In it there is some suggested mix ratios that you should go by relating to oil and asphalt. I do not recommend a 50/50 mix with the attempt to clean up all the oil up with just 1 treatment. Instead I would recommend going with a weaker mix with multiple applications to remove the oil little by little on each application. Here is the FB post EBC has components in its formula that offers or provides superb degreasing agents. Asphalt by nature is a petroleum base product. When you apply EBC or any type of degreaser to asphalt make certain that you will not impact the density or compromise the integrity of the asphalt itself. All asphalt is different from region to region. There are just way too many different variables from one asphalt lot to the next to pin point or establish a common mix ratio to for all contractors to use. In other words, one size does not fit all in this case. Applying EBC to concrete or other hard surfaces is a different ball game and should not be misunderstood as the way to clean asphalt. Suggestions when cleaning oil/grease/fuel off of asphalt: Test a small area with a light mix of EBC. Light mix ranges from 12-16 oz to 1.5 gal. of water. Spray a small portion of the affected area and then agitate with a broom. Let it dwell for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with 120-150. This mix ratio is a baseline recommendation. Certainly there will be instances where you as a contractor may have to "bump" up the mix to make it stronger, if applicable. When doing so please be aware and keep your eye on that asphalt. Cleaning grease/oil and etc off asphalt requires YOU the contractor to be VERY FAMILIAR with the soap/degreaser you are using. Just because it worked on concrete does not mean the same ratios will work on asphalt. Totally two different animals.
  5. This past Monday I had a chance to carve out some time in our busy schedule to meet up with Jake Clark at their wood stain plant located in Sonora, CA. Though I do not do any type of wood restoration or staining, I have known Jake for many years and he is also considered a dear friend of our family. I was in central Cali. washing and decided to take a detour and head up to the foothills of the Sierra's to check out the new plant. Boy am I glad I did. The processing plant is just awesome. The production line employees all the way up to the folks manning the phones are "top-notch" individuals. Each one of them explained to me their role in the production process of how Armstrong-Clark's stains are made and the critical steps each one of them does in order to ensure that each batch of stain is blended to perfection. I just didn't realize all the different "checks and balances" that Jake implemented in the production of his stains to ensure that when a contractor opens up a pail of Armstrong-Clark stain they are getting the "best of the best". The plant itself is very clean and from what I could tell everything about the "guts" of the plant is well kept and operational. The computerized mechanism's that ensure the proper amount of liquids to be blended together was fascinating to see and watch compared to observing someone that is "eye balling" ratios for blending. Jake, you have a great operation going on in Sonora. The people that work for you complete your stain line and it was truly gratifying to see these individuals actually enjoying what they do. I can only surmise that you created a culture with your employees that empowers them to be part of the overall picture of what Armstrong-Clark is all about. Very encouraging to see young people actually enjoying their job. Hat's off to you my friend. I tried to attached some pics of the plant but for some reasons I keep on getting a Error This upload failed.? Thank you Jake for taking the time to show me the plant. I appreciate it.
  6. Government Shutdown...who's impacted (besides me???)

    Found out today that the NAVY unfortunately has put a HOLD on Madison being accepted in due to the GOVT SHUTDOWN going on. The civilians that process the paper work are not working.......a little frustrated about this and so is she.
  7. Just Gutters.....

    EBC is a water based multipurpose cleaner & degreaser soap. Tried to upload some info here but got a message saying upload failed. Here is some more info about EBC on FaceBook Click here
  8. Just Gutters.....

    EBC and SH. Sorry for the late response.....been busy!
  9. New Look Power Wash is a professionally managed pressure washing company headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our expertise is to provide you with direct services for your exterior cleaning needs. Since 2001, New Look Power Wash has meticulously grown its business to meet the growing demand for our services. With pressure washing services in California, Nevada and parts of Arizona we look forward to hear from you about your cleaning needs.
  10. Testing Grimes Scene's new bulletin board.

    Very nice Beth...looks good!
  11. First X-Jet job done...

    X JET - I likey them all the time!!!:tranquillity:
  12. Too much drama

    Hey bro....doing good. Just working like a Hebrew slave. Staying busy....thats what counts. How r u?
  13. Too much drama

    I speak to Ant all the time....he doing just fine I reckon. Matt's around.....just not posting.