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  1. Hi Ron, how is your weather? Getting cooler here in Florida. Hope all is well with you! Hugh Gibson

  2. The X-Jet debate

    I still Love My DS
  3. If your Proud Post them!!! Kids Photo's

    Easter Bunny
  4. Sure why not!! Both would be cool.
  5. Mini Ipad Give Aways National Cleaning Expo

    Text the Magic Words to 25827 ...NCE
  6. Mini Ipad Give Aways National Cleaning Expo

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rPIjNkD7wc Look for a Online Hot Water Giveaway
  7. Mini Ipad Give Aways National Cleaning Expo

    Jay won the First Drawing
  8. You could win if you Play, Post here to get entered. You can Enter By Texting NCE to 25827
  9. I think the 9-11 memorial is a better Idea, regardless if it funded by the government I think the project would be cool. If you pull it off I'll send a truck for a Week
  10. What is the Best Turbo Nozzle Made

    didn't know it has
  11. Nice looking Page John, you need your photo up there. Environmental Guidelines | The PWNA
  12. Part Timers

    I feel like that after 28 years, I only worked about 2 hours last week. Started high-rise washing back up because a client bought a building in Phoenix and didn't want to use the company that did the work in the past.
  13. Part Timers

    I recommend no one starts part-time, sure no one has enough work the day they start. Maybe they sell 39 hours a week
  14. If your Proud Post them!!! Kids Photo's

    lol shes a beauty , bald katie