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  1. February PCC Magazine now online

    Jim instigates it, I only respond.
  2. February PCC Magazine now online

    So, I guess if Someone came on multiple boards and said you were not who you claim, or that you were unable to clean a deck properly, or perhaps if I came to your area and tried to get regulators to increase regulation on you that you wouldn't care?
  3. February PCC Magazine now online

    So, Chris congratulating me is inciting Jim. Meanwhile, Jim is doing his best to hijack the thread to divert attention to him. Meanwhile, I am being chastised for defending myself from someone who is trying to make it appear that my business is barely successful, in an underhanded and deceitful way. It is truly a curious world we live in. What is even more amazing is that Jim did not even realize that I usually drop throughTGS once a day, or so.
  4. February PCC Magazine now online

    What are you insinuating Jim? Is this an attack because you do not want people to realize that the trucks in the following videos are all mine? If you take the effort to count, you will notice that there are 23 machines that operate on a daily basis in that photo. That means that there is less then a 5% chance that my PGDC will be displayed in any photo. You will also notice that there are 8 other trucks that are used in other operations for my company. Do you care to compare? I will also let you know that if I left tomorrow for a month, that every aspect of my company would run just as smoothly as it did today, or yesterday. It is a beautiful thing to go and do what I want, when I want to do it, and have no worries, including whether or not I will have money to build a new rig or pay for a vacation, if I want. Incidentally, the only partner I have in this operation is my wife. I did the legwork to arrange equipment, I dealt with all the regulators, and bond people. Together we dealt with letting the powers that be know who we are, and with arranging the million dollar finance package we needed for the contract. For what it is worth, to those who want to believe differently, all financing was paid off in the first year of the contract.
  5. They were still using oil in the 60's and 70's.
  6. Rust removal with F9 in Huntsville, AL

    They work well, but F9 works far and away better.
  7. Full time & Part time Powerwashers-please read

    I have also seen people portray themselves as powerwash contractors, and consider themselves experts in their field when they have seldom, if ever touched a wand. I would take a guy's opinion that has actually done the work far over someone that is a salesman that subcontracts all of his work out. There is no real experience in watching someone else do the work.
  8. New toy for retirement

    Those were later then the bugeye sprites. The bugeye sprites ad the headlights in the hood.
  9. Lowballer Rig spotted in Vegas.

    Yep, ******************** car and rig. He hooked it to his car because his truck was too tall to fit where he needed it to go. Incidentally, for a low baller he did well. It was a $1000 job that took two hours. It is all in the original thread on the other forum.
  10. Mechanic makes more work for me

    Get some F9 on those rust stains, and it will look nearly brand new. The oil clean up looks excellent.
  11. Official Honda engine repair thread

    I just turn mine over to the in house mechanic. I love having a mechanic on staff.
  12. A favor from mods on PWI

    Never mind.
  13. Scott STONES Real Photo

    I prefer being an enigma.
  14. How do you define your business?

    Since right now a vast majority of our reputation lies with how well we clean and maintain transit facilities, I would say we are transit cleaning specialist.