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  1. Hi Ron, how is your weather? Getting cooler here in Florida. Hope all is well with you! Hugh Gibson

  2. I am getting ready to clean a home that has a leaky chimmey. I need to Pressure Clean it before the contractor can fix it. What chemicals do you suggest I use on it? Thanks Hugh
  3. Looking for Suggestions

    Thank you for your input. Hugh
  4. Rod & Beth, I don't know whether you remember me from years ago but I am Hugh Gibson (copgib) owner of Gibson's Power Wash Wagon, Inc. out of Williston Florida. I have been in business about 17-years and have a question for you. All of these years I have been making do with regular wand and tips to reach any 3-story buildings I am cleaning. But as I get older I am in need of a telescopic pressure wand to make it easier on my back. Could you recommend where I could get a good commercial telescopic (24ft) wand at? Sorry to bother you two, but I remember when I started my business you folks were there also. There are a lot of companies out there selling cheap stuff so I need to find one that sells good professional items. Thanks you for you time. Hugh Gibson owner Gibson's Power wash Wagon, Inc.

  5. Hi Guys, it has been awhile since I have been on this forum. I would like to get your suggestion on where i can buy a good quality Extension wand for tall buildings. During my 16-years in the business I have just hooked wands together to get the height I needed. I am cleaning a lot of tall banks now and will have to breakdown and get an extension wand to save my back. So any suggestions on what to get and where would be appreciated. Thanks Hugh Gibson (copgib)
  6. black streaks on gutters! what do you use to clean them with?

    I have been using Bob's F-13 for the past 7-years with excellent results. I do have a word of advise for anyone wanting to use it for the first time. Be sure to water down all areas below your work area and be sure you have the right mixture. Pay attention while your working also. When I first started a few moons ago, I was alittle careless and didn't mix it right and what happened it was strong and some dripped on the vynal siding and it made the siding fade in color which I didn't realize until sometime later. If you use and mix it correctly, it is the best stuff out there for cleaning black stripes off gutters. Hugh
  7. How is everyone been lately?

    I haven't visited this forum that much anymore, but it is nice to see all the new folks on here that weren't here when I was here regularly. Business has slowed some for me, so to occupy my time I took up a hobby of restoring old vintage gas pumps. I enjoy this alot and it helps take my mind off other things. I do see alot of old timers that have been around here a long time, which I say nice to see you all. Anyway I will be in and out from time to time, take care and be safe! Hugh Gibson Gibson's Power Wash Wagon, Inc.
  8. The Chemical Doctor

    Nice to see you again Steve and welcome back! Hugh
  9. I have been in the business since 2003 and although I do not post much I have been wondering from other businesses that have been around awhile this question: " How often do you change out your high Pressure Hoses? I have always had a habit of changing my out between 1 to 1 1/2 years of use. usually sell my old ones off. Hugh
  10. Beth it looks Great, I like it!!!

    Beth the skin looks great! Job well done! Hugh
  11. Been somewhat busy, and my golfin seems to be getting worse instead of better. Hugh

  12. stucco problem

    I did the Mercury Dealership in Gainesville with the same problem. I had to brush it with straight chlorine with a long extension brush. I did half from the ground and then got on a ladder, got on the roof and brushed the other half. I tried everything at the time and nothing worked like go old brushing straight love! Hugh
  13. Florida washer injured in chem explosion

    Or like it says he may have been smoking while mixing his chemicals, a reciepe for disaster. Big no no! Hugh
  14. How ya been????????????

  15. Sidewalk Contract Proposal agreement

    Please send me a copy also: copgib@earthlink.net Thanks Hugh