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  1. Looking to buy a lightly used Sirocco gas powered water recovery system. Let me know if you have one that you want to sell, PM me, email me at info@JLpressurewashing.com Thanks JL
  2. x jet hose

    my guys use 30-50 ft.
  3. Rip 1919-2011

    God Bless her Marko. I am glad you were there, if you werent you would always feel bad that you weren't. I held my mothers hand and kissed on her on and off for hours right up to her last breathe. She knew my brother and I were there and a few times she forced out the words " I love you". It was horrible to lose such a wonderful women, but I sure am glad we were there for her. Your Grandmother in law, loves you for being there for her.
  4. I'm running for UAMCC President!!! Ask Questions here

    Rons ***** new approval process...................................................sorry couldn't resist
  5. I'm running for UAMCC President!!! Ask Questions here

    Good conversation. I like that Beth and other will watch close. No one is perfect and when your on the inside, sometimes all looks rosey and until someone from outside says something that you finally realize it isnt rosey or the right move. I have seen it in life so many times. I saw it when I was on the Trans Team. There was at least a few times, the Team talked over stuff on several conference calls and it all seemed right, seemed perfect, seemed like a no brainer, seemed like most wouuld support it and then you take it public and get bashed. Quite often the bashing or suggestions were right too. You can get in a vacuum and the outside world is what will save you from one way thinking and help you move forward in a better or correct fashion the Beths, The Celestes, The Tonys, the members are all needed. I wanted to Run for president, but I just didnt think I could raise the money to beat Barak Obama,
  6. So am I going through that Mid Life thing ....

    Ditto!!!! Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE
  7. Who's going NY RT. I'm winning the skid

    Guy, you like good RT's, you really should go to this one. Matt and team put a lot into it
  8. Way to go Paul Newman!!!!! That is awesome My wife thinks Rick looks like Paul Newman
  9. Who's going NY RT. I'm winning the skid

    Everyone always asks if Lisa is going, no one ever cares about me. LOL Yes she's going to go
  10. Who's going NY RT. I'm winning the skid

    LOL, you're a very sick person
  11. Hey Just got the email for Jack Kramer & Matts 2012 seminar. I had a great time the last one, really done well, more to come on this event. They are giving a nice Hot Water skid away too Grandprize See ya all there
  12. Anyone busy?

    Thats great you are working & busy in Nov, figured it would be to cold I'll get you a How To Pressure Wash book LOL. Happy Holidays to you
  13. Anyone busy?

    Anyone else real busy this Nov & Dec. I know the northern guys have been slower with the cold, but still know some that are washing here & there. But we are slammed, best Nov ever and Dec is filling up nice, good way to end out the year. How's everyone else doing? With all my millions of dollars me and the wife are heading out today to do Christmas shopping, X Box, Dolls and the list goes on for the kids
  14. way to go Rick, you get bored you can come down here and stain my kids swing set. I hate wood. If you don't come, I'll just get Christian to do it again like the past 3 years. Did I mention I hate wood Myself, I could use a little slow time. But not to much or I'll be whining about that. Its weird I find it hard to relax, when its busy or slow. Oh well, what will 2012 bring