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  1. Electric motor won't stay running

    Okay, will bypass timer and see how it goes. If that does the trick I am going to delete the timer and bypass to the tank instead.
  2. Electric motor won't stay running

    Guy, yes it bypasses the same. In this case, back to the pump. Russ, it is not an auto start/stop. It does have a timer to shut it down after a minute or so in bypass. Normal process is to flip the on switch and push the button. It will continue to run in bypass for a minute or so when not in use. If trigger is pulled before it shuts off, timer restarts. So now, trigger needs to be pulled while pushing start and all is normal, but shuts down as soon as trigger is released.
  3. Electric motor won't stay running

    So unloaders on an electric washer will shut it down vs low pressure/low volume as on gas engines? That's a new one for me. When the rain stops, I will be doing the pressure feed, then on to the unloader as my next stop.
  4. shop-vac

    Hi John, I am still washing. Our drought isn't helping, even with recovery, but I am still with it.
  5. shop-vac

    I have a DeWalt one, not sure of the model, but it holds about 2 gallons. It takes the batteries from 12 to 18 Volt. It is decent for what it is, but isn't a power house, but better than any auto parts store 12 Volt that I have used.
  6. Electric washer: It has a Century motor, CAT pump, & K7 unloader, assembled by Hydro Tek. It wouldn't stay running unless the trigger was pulled. Replaced a leaking inlet hose between the filter and pump and everything was fine for a week. Now the problem is back, but there are no leaks, anywhere, from the tank to the filter, and on to the pump. The filter is clean, the tank is full, water flows freely to the filter, but the machine will only stay on with the trigger pulled. I checked the pressure switches on the unloader and they are good. I plan to do a pressure feed and see if that helps, but have not yet. What else am I looking for?
  7. I put a bucket lid and a small sandbag on at home to keep the junk and rain out. I use an 8" elbow on certain jobs when parking under trees or sprinklers is unavoidable.
  8. Get well Alan Shack! Trips to the ER are no fun!

    Never saw this then. Thanks for the well wishes. :-)
  9. Multiple places have wanted this over the years. "Sign up with us and we will get work for you" is the basic idea. The BBB, Chambers, Orgs, Associations and so on. If it works for you, then go for it, if it doesn't then don't. If in doubt, ask around to see who has any information. Ask for a list of their clients to see who you might work for.
  10. Do you still use your local distributes at all anymore?

    [QUOTplaying FarmvilleT;217914]Hey Alan -- good to cya posting again. What kept you away so long and what brought you back? I quit playing Farmville.
  11. Do you still use your local distributes at all anymore?

    I use a local hydraulic shop for hose repairs, and o-rings, but that is it. I get all my parts from Mark at EC and do my repairs myself.
  12. Something for Michigans folks to pass along.

  13. Kevin, My perception is that You are convinced that this is a good product and now want others to investigate it, so that you have some support in your belief. This bbs started in 2003, and if there are no search results for a product that has been around since 1999, that should explain a lot.
  14. I fill up on site with the customers water, unless in the rare occasion they don't have anything accessible. I never fill at home, There is no point in that.
  15. Alan,

    I see you have an old Sirocco on your trailer..

    For Sirocco-flag-carriers, I tend to help with substantial discounts on rebuild and upgrade components..

    LOTS of upgrades have been made, for "beef" and reliability, especially convenience.

    ..Like the EXternal check valve for the pump-out.. CamLock-coupled for FAST clean-out.

    The slide-in-filters we use in the waste tanks.. we found the filter-material was sagging badly. ..upgrade half-price.

    Fittings on the wast tank have been upgraded. ..a new lid with fittings ..half price.

    For all the support we have been given over the years, by the people that "invested early" in reclaim.. we'd like give a little back.

    Also, LOTS of new tools are available, and it wouldn't hurt to talk. End of day, is best for me.

    VacuBerm filter and sock was majorly upgraded.. a "rebuild kit" ..half price.

    They reclaim up to 8gpm with the ugrade, ..and SandSnake on it's back.

    I hope all is well, jobs are easy, and contracts tight.