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  1. Estimate in the mailbox

    Dan, if you don't want the jobs where owners don't feel they need to meet you face to face, then don't take those jobs. I agree with Lance, many customers are busy, and they just don't want to be bothered with meeting one or multiple contractors face to face. On most jobs I bid, I'm not competing against anyone, and if they like the price, I'm hired. I don't need to sell them, they're sold already. It's much easier on my schedule to go look at the job when it is convenient for me, not when it is convenient for the owner. I'm talking about house washes and driveways and such, not deck jobs or roof cleaning. In those cases, it IS sometimes beneficial to meet them face to face and show them what I'm going to do, why, and why it is worth what I'm charging. Many of the jobs I've done over the years I've never even seen the customer. The money spends just as well as the money I got from jobs where I met the customer face to face!
  2. Low baller

    Because there really isn't a point to that, is there?
  3. Should we be supporting new startups?

    I remember when you first showed up, and sounded like you had no realy experience with pressurewashing. Most of us have been in that position.
  4. When your sick

    LOL, was wondering if anyone caught that! I agree...I might be ABLE to push myself that hard, but it isn't good for my health, and my wife and son need me to be healthy. I don't have anything to prove to anyone other than them. I was in the hospital for 5 days with a severe case of pneumonia four years ago after I spent 2 hours on a hot roof spraying chlorine. Took me weeks before I could work, and about a year to get over all the symptoms..
  5. When your sick

    When my what?
  6. Anyone bringing Rig to event??????

    We're talking about the same Chris? Chris Detter?
  7. Anyone bringing Rig to event??????

    Back at Sunbrite?
  8. Anyone bringing Rig to event??????

    Cool! My first roundtable was at Sunbrite back when Chris was still there. That's been a while!
  9. Surface cleaner choice

    I hated the bar configuration on the Steel Eagle...too easy to get one bar out of alignment, the bars are expensive, and they bend too easily. That, and the rotary union is expensive too. I LOVE my Big Guy!
  10. PT state forum - closed....

    Steve's board and business didn't die out because of the free-for-all atmosphere that was once a part of the Cleaner Network...it died because of neglect. Steve had a great thing going, and a great opportunity to keep it going and grow it...but he got sidetracked with life and it died off to the point where there was virtually no activity on the board for the last year or more.
  11. Are we professionals?

    90%? Wow.;)
  12. Are we professionals?

    Two things I've noticed with Dan's posts...First, he's typically a negative person. Second, he's convinced that anyone who charges less than he thinks is fair is a lowball hack who is ruining this industry. I don't get it either. If a guy can make money charging $100.00/house, great for him! If I'm losing out of business because my prices aren't that low, then maybe I better learn how to sell better or become more efficient or whatever it takes.
  13. What have you been up too lately? I haven't heard from you in awhile. Drop me a email sometime. Copgib@earthlink.net Take care! Hugh

  14. There is a window open

    Then just close the stupid window if possible and clean the house...or take the day and work on equipment maint or marketing... Just part of doing business...sometimes jobs get cancelled or put off for all sorts of reasons.
  15. The X-Jet debate

    So get an adjustable downstreamer, or cut your wash mix with water. I'd play around with the orifice sizes in your downstreamer, or try a slightly smaller tip. Even a size 15 or 20 tip will give you low enough pressure for rinsing but should close the downstreamer. The last reason is, I purchased a new titan reel at the begiining of the year (which I hate ) and the bleach running through the house reel rusted out the center bar creating a pin hole leak.My supply house replaced the bar for free.My last reel lasted 5 years using the xjet but it also wasnt a titan. So long story short.. Xjet uses less chemicals for me , Quality of rinse is better due to no soap in the hose,Less wear on the equipment with bleach being a corrisive. Place your downstreamer on the downstream side of the hose reel, maybe even use a small (2-3') section of hose between the two. That should keep the chlorine out of the hose reel.