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  1. Paul Rosen

    Yellow Alaskan and Port Orford cedars are almost hard woods . i take care of a few . Very difficult to care for because of the lack of penetration of oil products and its hardness . Difficult situation for the selection of this wood .
  2. If there is blood in the ejaculate you could have a prostrate problem ? bleach will take care of staining
  3. winter projects

    I like , very nice !
  4. Who are your favorite sport teams???

    Red Sox , patriots , now a royal's fan -beat the mets beat the mets after that beat the jets, celtics , and the whalers . We have great college hockey here . Yale , quinnipiac u, and now uconn has hockey and are pretty good . I love college basketball . I go to a few uconn games every year had season tickets for a few years . Royal's in 4 !
  5. There is a reason acrylic has cry in the middle of the word !
  6. Rick , it's nice to say I just did a cedar maintenance 20 years old Mint !
  7. Beth is this book ready to buy ?
  8. I have never seen rot when using a non dry oil . It prevents moisture from entering the wood and moisture can not get trapped. It can happen with a drying oil .
  9. Your in control of the job site and the out come . Things only get controversial by people having conversations About best practices and by people who don't do wood care . The more you understand each chem and what it can and can't do to wood the smarter you become. I got better at wood by not following the herd .
  10. Do we get a reduced rate with an AARP card ? How many handi cap parking spaces at the event ?
  11. Haz. Mat.

    Very funny
  12. Winter

    Gee , I can't believe I forgot my sidekicks Skippy the jack Russell terrier who we now call nipsey Russell . She's getting a bit cranking in old age . Joann the spouse who is looking pretty hot these days . Major health and fitness changes . Wow ! Netflix , Amazon binge TV ..
  13. Winter

    Plenty of fresh ground coffee , can opener , cork screw , fireplace and a window to look out .
  14. watch who you follow on twitter.

    I hate facebook ! Keeping up to date sucks !