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  1. Is this Brian or Sean?

  2. Elevated PW

    Sorry, Russ, I guess we were typing at the same time.
  3. Elevated PW

    Jeff, If your supply tank is taller than the machine you could just fill the tank prior to starting it. Gravity will force water to the pump if the level of the water in the tank is higher than the water inlet of the elevated machine.
  4. Stain Colors

    Russ, Warm Honey Gold and Brown Sugar are far more popular with my clients than Western Cedar and Cal Redwood. Also, I find that some prospects have an easier time selecting a color from a choice of four than from a dozen or more.
  5. Mike, Using a "roof rake" is an alternative to putting a broom on an extension handle. There are several different designs and retailers on the web.
  6. PWNA Columbus Convention Questions

    Mike, You won't regret investing the money to attend the convention. I always come away from these functions with more than I thought possible. The opportunity is there for you, and anyone else, to do the same. In my opinion, you cannot afford to miss this convention. Consider joining the PWNA and registering for the convention at the same time. Assuming you are already considering a cost of $545, investing an additional $25 to become a member ($375 to register plus $195 to join) adds up to a great value.
  7. Frosty

    Good luck this season, Howard. We're looking forward to a busy winter, too.
  8. Some roof cleaning pics

    Thanks for the info Ryan.
  9. Some roof cleaning pics

    Ryan, Looks great. Where do you anchor your safety lines?
  10. Flat Hose Question

    One thing to consider is that it may be necessary to unroll the entire length of flat hose in order to allow water to flow through. I have no first hand experience, just a thought.
  11. Concrete Cleaning

    I want to thank everyone for responding. You have come up with many very interesting ideas. There is no underground sprinkler system and I didn't notice wet or muddy areas near the expansion joint. I had not considered anti-freeze because of the pattern of the stain. After further questioning, the home owner remembers a contractor's van that was leaking radiator fluid being parked there for the better part of one day. If this were the cause, what sort of treatment would be appropriate? At this point, because the concrete needs more attention than just cleaning, they have decided to pursue this with the electric company first. We'll see where that leads and take it from there. Again, thanks for the help, Brian
  12. Concrete Cleaning

    ron p, That's exactly what I learned today. The electric company made some sort of repairs under that section of the driveway in the last year. Thanks, all, for the suggestions. Brian
  13. Concrete Cleaning

    OTP, I'll give that a try. Thanks, Brian