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  1. It's easy to assume that our ancestors weren't as technologically sophisticated as us. Gielinor is distinct. In Ancient Invention you'll be able to discover the blueprints of ancient technology during Archaeology. You will be able to create new gadgets and OSRS Gold benefits through the disassembly of artifacts and materials that you find during Archaeology. First up, we have the Ancient Gizmo. The three types of gizmos comprise tool, weapon and armor. They will allow you to access new Archaeology materials as well as new benefits. Additionally, you can unlock all 9 slots of the Ancient Gizmo, which will allow you to discover new perk combinations as well as rank combinations. Next, we have the XP capacitor. This device is ideal if the goal is to quickly increase the quality of your augmented items or to siphon off more XP or to reach the level 20, then it's the best choice. An empty XP capacitor will take a portion of the XP that you normally earn while training using augmented items, and instead will fill the device. Once the device is full it is able to be sold to other players and you will earn double XP until the capacitor runs empty. It's like bonus XP, however, it's for Invention items. The Kinetic Dynamo is another device that was discovered in the past. It doesn't require Guthix juice for your Invention requirements. With the Kinetic Dynamo, you can create Divine Charges simply by running around or suging. Once you've done enough running around with Buy RuneScape Gold the Kinetic Dynamo on you, it'll charge up and provide you with Divine Charges up until the moment it fails.