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    Roof Cleaning, Pressure Washing,,Land management .Building ,Social Media,Real Estate , Hunting,Fishing, Farming for wildlife,
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    I started Central KY Roof Cleaning back in 2010 as a extra income an something to retire in to and be my own boss!! lol So far it has more than exceeded my expectations! I'm always looking for better ways in the exterior cleaning industry to promote my sales an satisfy my customers demands!Looking to go full time. Finally full Time as of Feb 2019

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  1. Central KY Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing

    Before & Afters of roof & Vinyl cleaning by Central Ky Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing
  2. COVID-19 Pandemic

    I Hope everyone is safe out there and haven't lost to many loved ones. I Pray everyone's business survived this year 2020 ! We have done better than we thought we would but it most definitely was scary at times! God Bless everyone and Happy Holidays!
  3. COVID-19 Pandemic

    I slowed down quite a bit in March & April but starting to pick back up now ? Hopefully we all will get back close to normal but my expectations of that happening this year are low?
  4. COVID-19 Pandemic

    So how is everyone's pressure washing business doing during this pandemic ?
  5. I'm turning 61 next week and may have a few more years in me ?? But I bring in the young part time help when needed that takes some of the overhead work away?? lol
  6. Christmas Cards

    How many of you send out Christmas cards to your customers ? I never have but was considering it .
  7. Lessons Learned in 2018

    I learned if a customer starts off asking a bunch of questions and seems like there nit picking that to bid it high because of all the extra BS you'll have to put up with. Had that to happen two different times this past year! Found out that both customers had already had others clean but wasn't satisfied with any one's results on two other pressure washing business? Go figure that ?Always follow your gut feeling on any bids? Got into a little more wood & concrete cleaning to help our 2018 be a success! May try and boost a few post on FB for increase sales ?
  8. Closing Bids percentage for 2017

    Rod I'm thinking my profit margin was only around 60% ?? If I figured it right after all other expenses?
  9. Closing Bids percentage for 2017

    I haven't thought of the closing that way Troy? I have to keep up with it that way.
  10. No matter how educated, talented, rich you believe you are, how you treat people

    ultimately tells all.  Integrity is everything