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  1. I’m 55, been in this business for 25+ years. Climbing ladders hurts a little more than it used to but I’m still rolling along. Busy most days of the week.
  2. pre treating concrete

    I don’t pretreat if it’s just dirt or mold. oxalic acid can help remove rust stains around pool aprons. Putting pool shock (SH) will instantly kill any vegation it touches and will destroy the O-Rings in the pump sprayer unless they’re Viton seals. A light acid coat when the concrete has dried from the washing will brighten it, makes it look nice Let us know how it turns out.
  3. Same here with the same pump and V-Twin Honda. Check the fuel filter. Sounds like it’s starving under a load.
  4. Yup, I agree. The unloader would be my first guess.
  5. Done and getting ready for snow plowing. :(
  6. About to do my first house wash

    Call me and ill send you some pictures of the way I have things set up. It's pretty simple. Simple is good.
  7. About to do my first house wash

    Okay, let's try this. It's 10:30 pm and just got back from fireworks with the wife and kid but I'll give it a shot. Buy an XJet. They aren't cheap (100+) but it will be one of your best investments. No more need to buy any tips because the XJet has a variable spread. Her a 5 gallon bucket to mix the chemicals in and let the XJet draw from that bucket. You should be able to hit 25 or 30 feet with the Xjet, plenty for that house. You don't need a chemical injector because you now have the XJet. For the amount of nasty on that house you might want to mix 1 to 2 gallons of bleach and the rest water in that 5 gallon bucket. Soak it down with the Xjet (in the shade) dwell and rinse. It will come out beautiful. But the products from Pressure Tek in Clevand Ohio. Ask for Stuttering Bob (no joke). You need Gutter Gernade and a XJet to get yourself started. While you are waiting for that to come in on the UPS truck look around your city for a chemical distributer. You are looking for Sodium Hypochlorite at 12.5% or 15%. Get an account with that company. You'll have to fill out government paperwork for terrorism crap. (No joke). Let us know when this is done and we'll move onto the next step. I've got to get some sleep but I'll be around tomorrow. Anyone else want to add something? Please feel free.
  8. MIA

    Hello again. I know I've been gone for a while but I'm back again. Things are going well for business. More commercial contracts and plenty of work. In fact I took me advertising out of the Yellow Pages. I even had time to finish my Masters degree. Wife and child are doing great but the kid can drive me nuts once in a while, he must have learned that from my wife. It's good to be back. Once again, hello everyone.
  9. About to do my first house wash

    I don't know how low you bid that. Out in New England I would get 400$ and spend about 2 or 3 hours on it working alone. The more you do the faster it goes.
  10. About to do my first house wash

    I might add my 2 cents worth here. Get the right chemicals to do the job right. X-13 Gutter Gernade is what you want to make those gutters look like new, about a 15:1 ratio. It doesn't take much. Spray it on in the shade and rinse before it dries. You won't believe the difference. On vinyl houses I coat them with a light bleach mixture and use a FatBoy to pump it from chemical tanks in the truck. Dwell for 10 minutes and rinse. You can use an XJet for this too. DO NOT buy an extension wand. Years ago when I first tried the XJet I came home and used a chain saw on my extension wand so it would fit in the trashcan. I also mix Simple Cherry to keep things rinsing well. Lastly, do not rely on pressure to clean the house, you'll only get into trouble. The key to a good job is water volume, not pressure. Try to start at the gutters so you don't have to rinse the whole house over. A lot of nastiness is going to come off those gutters and land on the vinyl siding. Let us know how it works out. BTW, YouTube has tons of videos but not all of them are good. Use your common sense and you'll do fine.
  11. CAN I FIX THIS??

    Hi John. We posted the same reply at the same time. Weird.
  12. CAN I FIX THIS??

    I think you're going to have a problem. I usually refuse a job like that unless the homeowner is getting ready to paint the aluminum.
  13. I'mmmm Back

    Sitting on the dock with my camera this morning. Made a friend. Ahhh, still can't upload pictures. Anyways, a dolphin came right to me for some photographs. We'll be leaving tomorrow (Wednesday) for the USA and I'll be able to share some pictures then. Natrually I have a huge roof to do as soon as I return. :(
  14. I'mmmm Back

    I keep trying to upload pictures but I'm having trouble doing it. Maybe I'll have to wait until I get back to the States.
  15. I'mmmm Back

    It's great to hear from everyone again, thanks. It this monent I'm relaxing on the little island of Dominican Republic with my wife and son. Staying at a beautiful hotel that never changed the default passwords from the wifi routers. :)