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  1. I just did my last two jobs last week...a small single story and a brick walkway. I winterized both washers till late March here in Jersey....time to sit back and get my learn on.. BTW-Happy Thanksgiving to all you guys!! Tom :)
  2. I wanted to add I replaced all the packing seals today,,the old HP seals looked like they where falling apart,,the LP seals looked good. Now the wet end of the pump is completely rebuilt,,should be good for a while....no more vibration :)
  3. What's in your Tool Box(s)

    I have two crescent wrenches,socket set,allens,hammer,screwdrivers both kinds all sizes,extra belts,hose,tips,wand,chem injector,QC,s,orings 3/8 and 1/4,oring pick,extra garden hose,hose seals,zip ties,duct tape,jumper cables,razor knife,vise grips,C clamps,and a bunch of nuts and bolts..oh yeah a tarp and thats about it. I use some of these tools for when Im doing lawn care as well :)
  4. Telescoping wands

    Thats an awesome job Guy, Im happy just on my small little one two story home owner jobs for now..I will leave the big stuff for you big dawgs!!
  5. Telescoping wands

    I will have to buy one an try it,,I did see the tip is quite long compared,,thanks for the tip,,no pun :)
  6. My manual says to use an RV type anti-freeze,,I wont do that because rubber and alcohol don't mix well,,on the other hand the auto anti-freeze mixes perfect with plastic,rubber,and all kinds of metals.I will stick with what Rod says and my gut on this one unless I can find RV without alcohol. The manufacturer also has super expensive rebuild/repair service kits that they need to sell,just saying.
  7. Thats what I figured Rod,,why spend $10 on a small 10oz. can of who knows what when you can get the real deal,,heck one gallon of auto anti-freeze will last me a long time. Thanks for the reply! Tom
  8. Just wondering what you guys use,and what works best.... I was thinking to try auto antifreeze because it has the best lubricating,and anti corrosion action out of all of them. My unit stays in a shop with no kids or animals that could get into the stuff. I did pick up a cheap RV antifreeze but I saw alcohol as an ingredient in there,,might not be so good for rubber o-rings and such? Thanks for any opinions,,I plan on using my PW after it gets cold so am looking for the best way to leave it over night and have it ready for the morning :) Tom :)
  9. black streaks on gutters! what do you use to clean them with?

    I believe Awesome is the same way,Ive seen it remove white oxidation,also have seen it discolor paint too a lighter shade if used straight on some surfaces. Proceed with caution,or you better better be ready to paint if necessary.
  10. Telescoping wands

    $30 each man thats alot of cash,,I drilled out my red zero tip and it does about the same pattern. The machine in the video must be at least a 5 GPM,dont think mine will shoot that high..lol..well on the 18ft wand it would,,but that thing is a real pain to work with,,i only use it for really stubborn spots here and there.
  11. You where right Rod, I could suck air through the top left check valve,it was also the dirtiest one,,I replaced them all. I believe that one leaky valve caused the problem,,will find out tomorrow.
  12. Hey Rod, I used it today to clean a vinyl decking for a couple hours,,it ran good...afterwards I went to ACR and picked up a check valve kit for it. I am going to remove the old ones and see if I can suck any air through them later tonight. Gonna replace them with the new ones anyway just to be safe. Thanks again for the wealth of info you guys share freely on the site. I really appreciate it,,huge help!! Tom :)
  13. Yes Rod,, I was reading that worn or dirty check valves would cause this high frequency vibration that i feel in the hose/wand. I am going to get a check valve/O-ring kit for it possibly next week. Thanks guys!! Tom
  14. Hey John,, I pulled all my valves out tonight high side and low,,the O-rings that the valve head sits on looked good,the brass under O-ring looked great,,the valves looked good also. No signs of cavitation that I could see...the filter screen was clean,,I am just going to run it till it blows now,,i only have a few more jobs before Winter. It was not vibrating or hammering violently,,it was subtle,,you really had to pay attention to feel the light flutter in your hand under low pressure. Thanks again!!
  15. Thanks John,, I will check all of that,,guess a rebuild will be on my Winter project list. Its an AR pump(belt drive) so it shouldn't be that expensive to do,,at least i hope not. A buffer tank,, Could that be as easy as putting a 30 gallon tank in the truck and running a line to the inlet on the pump,,will that just gravity feed? Guess I could run the home owners hose into the tank while Im working to keep it full. Not sure exactly how to set it up. Tom