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  1. Feel free to call me this morning. I can walk you through what you did and how to fix. Also, how to deal with the customer.
  2. Pool Deck Stains

    Sodium hypochlorite.... Bleach.
  3. Dog Grooming in Lexington KY

    Got your attention! Hey, you have your pet looking good and clean. Why not your Homes exterior? Just as you would only take your Dog to be Groomed to a trained Professional, you should also look for a trained and experienced professional to clean you homes exterior. After all, it is your largest investment. While your pets are very important to you and you see the value in keeping them groomed and healthy, so is your homes exterior. A clean Home is a healthy home. I made a silly little video for getting the word out. Go ahead and groom your pets but lets get that house washed too.Call us today to learn how we "Pamper" your home. 859-983-5955
  4. As a professional Roof Cleaning Company, we feel that the use of bleach is the most cost effective and time efficient method. It is just as "green" as some of the other methods or chemicals when used appropriately. The difference between Bleach that harms plants/surfaces and the bleach that does not, is the handler and the procedure in which it is used. Let's face it, laundry is cleaned safely everyday with bleach. But it also damges a few loads of laundry when mis-handled. Letting the teenage boy in the house handle the Laundry chores might not be such a good idea. This example just points out that while bleach can be harmful, it can also be used safely with proper process. Instead of blanket statements of bleach being bad, the statement should be told differently. Perhaps the mis-use of bleach may cause undesirable effects. Perhaps we shouldn't be be discrediting the bleach but rather the handler. Be more picky about the knowledge of the contractor rather than skeptical of his detergents. I'd rather hire a contractor that used potentially hazardous chemicals/tools over a contractor pulling up in a non-descript truck with 4 different tires and needing a new muffler using the safest chems (which, by the way don't work the best) available. So, think about this when looking for a Roof Cleaning Company in the future.
  5. Pretty darn old considering Dee Dee is 48. LOL
  6. That would be my wife helping with the awesome food from Moes Southwest Grill.
  7. Thank You EVERYONE! Please Read! Landon Aljaz

    I have set up a page to make donations if it is easier to use a credit card or paypal. I will make sure all funds are forwarded to John and Family. Help a fellow pressure wash contractor
  8. Door Hangers

    Here is where we get our doorhangers... They have the stick-it feature and have more space to design. For a good price too. High quality full color Door Hanger Printing by Adeas - Stick-It Band-It will get you better retention and better redemption
  9. Employee Handbook

    Mine is attached... First_Choice_Power_Washing_LLC_Handbook_English[1].doc
  10. How do you get such low pressure (the youtube videos)? My unit is a 4gpm 4000psi, so could i get the psi as low as yours? Thanks.

  11. Michael K.!

    Thanks guys. All I got was Strep Throat and a fever.
  12. There is a window open

    I just move on and reschedule. My pricing takes these things into consideration and am never in a losing $$$ situation. Good customer service costs money and I charge for it upfront. Folks seem to think I charge too much, but this is what it is for. Providing a professional customer service that is satisfaction guaranteed.
  13. Just "choke" the valve to the point that it will shoot distance but not create enough back pressure to stop drawing from Down streamer. [yt]vZ9SWMmMX2k[/yt]
  14. If you ever get a chance....

    Come to Owensboro, KY and indulge in the best Meat you'll ever eat.... [yt]rwNwi46hfgk[/yt] http://www.moonlite.com