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  3. Need a Professional carpet cleaning company?

    If you hire an employee to do the carpet cleaning of your premises for your business, it is likely that he will do the job you need but will have to pay more money as well as the equipment expenses. This is one of the reasons why you should outsource carpet cleaning jobs. With the help of outsourcing, you not only save time and money, but you can also hire employees who have experience in doing such work.
  4. Moving is for sure stressful without an adequate plan about getting it properly cleaned. Conducting a detailed cleaning before one move out is valuable for both the parties. And in case of depositing a security amount, it is significantly important. We the 4ccservice is here to take your all anxiety off in moving. We offer flexible move in and move out cleaning service San Antonio to relieve your shift to your new domain.
  5. Email forms

    I used to go through the Techimply platforms to find a best option to select best billing and Invoicing Software Demo Available Deployment Option Convert in to the Deal Apply for the [payment]
  6. To be sure about the office building is all the time clean, healthy, and comfortable, ask our cleaning experts to clean your business area. We are commercial cleaning company San Antonio and provide services with the greatest criteria supported by worthy years of knowledge.
  7. Carpet Cleaning Tonbridge

    Carpet cleaning and maintenance is very important. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning company can be beneficial as well. Professionals can help to save your time and efforts and deal with deep carpet cleaning issues as well. Call 754-175-7383 for affordable cleaning services for home and offices in Tonbridge, Kent.
  8. Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club

    Professional cleaning tips, Really helpful article! Can check also check for Moss Removal
  9. Steam Cleaning Ashford

    Steam cleaning is done to remove the dirt, grease etc. from the floor as well as your appliances. Steam cleaning can be done without cleaning agents, detergents etc. and that's why it is eco-friendly technique of cleaning. Call 754-175-7383 now for more details.
  10. ProTeam Cleaning Services

    Cleaning services of all types whether residential or commercial are available at affordable cost. It includes gutter cleaning, window cleaning, roof cleaning, driveway and patio cleaning etc. with best and high level cleaning techniques including steam cleaning. Call 754-175-7383 now for cleaning services in Tonbridge, Kent.
  11. Leaking gutter repair Tonbridge

    Gutter leaks should be inspected on time to take decision whether to repair it or replace it. Leaky gutters can be a very difficult thing to handle. Gutter repair services can be hired at affordable rates. Call 754-175-7383 for gutter repair services in Tonbridge and Ashford.
  12. Window Cleaning Service

    Are you searching for a professional commercial cleaning service to clean and sanitize your houses or offices windows? The search ends here because there are various prominent and experienced Window cleaning service providers. When you hire them, the cleaning staff will reach on time, and they will clean and develop a sanitary environment in all your surroundings. Many janitorial service providers have skilled and reliable cleaning persons to handle and finish the task at a given deadline. The cleaning companies are dedicated to keep your cleaning task at high-priority. Before hiring any company, check its customer reviews, cleaning quality and pricing. If everything matches your budget, so call them instantly to accomplish your cleaning task.
  13. His pictures look like my deck and living in the boonies no tool rental close therefore I have purchased a sheet rock sander (on a schick, similar to Pepe) Thank You
  14. Does the appearance resemble that of the photos in this threads first post? If so, the way to remove it is by buffing. If not the same, then pics would be helpful in identifying the issue and proposing a solution. Rod
  15. I see this is an older post however I am experiencing the same problem. I used SuperDeck Stain & Sealer Remover. I called the store about this and was told when I use the "SuperDeck Revive" it would go away. Well no it does not and I tried a small area using SuperDeck Deck Wash, no difference. still chalky looking . One person noted it was due to being 4 months old my deck is a year old. How did you cure this?
  16. Licensing and/or certification

    The fact that there are not required certifications eliminates the barrier to entry creating competitors from all levels. However, this can be a huge advantage to a legit company that has some sort of training certifications, bonding, and licensing to separate them from the $99 guys. We are proud to say we are a real business that is trained, licensed, insured, etc. https://pressurepowerpros.com
  17. Pressure & Soft-Wash Packages

    Daytona Pressure is excited to help you get started in the rewarding, and lucrative word of Professional Pressure Washing. Here are some of the many reasons to start a professional pressure washing business. *Potential to make $100.00+ per hour *Work on your schedule *Satisfaction of being your own boss *Virtually unlimited ways to generate income *Pressure washing is virtually recession proof *The pressure washing industry is growing exponentially Daytona Pressure, your home for all things pressure washing can accommodate most budgets with one of our turnkey packages. Our introductory Packages includes: Pressure Washing Starter Package: $1409.95 Professional Grade BE Powerease Pressure Washer 4000PSI @ 4GPM Heavy Duty Steel Cart with Tip Holder 18” Pressure-Pro Professional Grade Surface Cleaner 50FT of High-Pressure Hose Professional Grade Gun & Wand Assembly 5 Color Coded Pressure Tips Intermediate Packages include the following: The Honda Gx390 OHV Engine 4000PSI- 4.0 GPM AR VIPER PUMP Lightweight Aluminum Cart Style Frame 5 Color Coded Quick Connect Tips 50-feet of Non-Marking High Pressure (4000psi) Hose Professional Grade Pressure Gun with 42" Wand Chemical Injector Assembly With the above listed we offer a Belt Drive and Direct Drive option. Package #1: BELT DRIVE SYSTEM $1999.95 Package #2: DIRECT DRIVE SYSTEM $1699.95 Daytona Pressure also offers a Soft-Wash Stater option: $1859.59 1-50 Gallon Holding Tank 1-200 FT 1\2” Clear Hose 1-300 FT Stainless Steel Titan Hose Reel 1-Deep Cycle Marine Battery with Box 1-5.0 GPM Delavan Pump 15 FT Power Wire Optional Equipment (additional cost) Upgrade to 100 Gallon Tank +$100.00 Upgrade to 7.0 GPM Delavan Pump +100.00 Upgrade to 200 FT of 1\2” Ag Hose +112.00 Other upgrades are available, Please ask one of our customer service specialists for more details Daytona Pressure also offers various self-contained Pressure Washing, Soft-Wash Chemical and Heated Pressure Washing trailer and truck options for most budgets. We offer financing options through Aztec Financial, Marlin Financing and various other financial institutions. So, come in or call our South Daytona location 386-256-4704, or Bunnell location 386-313-6909 and talk with one of our knowledgeable staff members and let Daytona Pressure help you become a proud member of the Professional Pressure Washing Community. Daytona Pressure Daytona-pressure.com support@daytona-pressure.com 2800 S Nova Rd, South Daytona, FL 32119 2550 North State Rd, Bunnell, FL 32110
  18. Fascia & Weatherboard Cleaning Ashford

    Fascia and weatherboard cleaning services can be very beneficial to improve the looks of the roof and perfect finishing. Weatherboard can be made from any kind of wood whether it is timber, polished cleaning it properly is a must. Call 754-175-7383 for cleaning services in Ashford, Kent.
  19. AAA Pump Heat Question

    I have a simple question and need clarification please or maybe a good understanding. I have a Simpson machine GC190 w/Honda engine and a AAA-3200PSI/2.8GPM pump. This machine had the OEM Triplex pump that was getting hot, leaked a bit of oil and thermal relief was spitting water occasionally 1st use. Simpson said a defective pump, so I upgraded to the AAA pump. This new "pump motor" not the "water section" gets hot to the touch. Is this normal heat from the pump motor and also I assume it is picking up heat from being bolted to the hot engine block? I repeat; the "water section" of the pump is not getting hot nor is it spitting water from the relief valve. The last triplex the pump motor and water section both were getting extremely hot. Please educate me on this subject. Both these pumps have had good continuous water flow at all times by the book. Thank you for a clarification.
  20. Commercial Cleaning Services Ashford

    Commercial cleaning refers to cleaning the commercial places which includes offices, factory and other work place. A good commercial cleaning package can be found through contacting a professional cleaning company. Contact 754-175-7383 now for professional cleaning services in Ashford, Kent.
  21. Decking Cleaning Ashford

    Decking cleaning is very important to keep your deck safe from any damages and increase its life span. Decks can be cleaned by using a proper cleaning agent whether wood cleaner or any other equipment made for deck cleaning. Proper deck cleaning services can be hired at affordable rates. Call 754-175-7383 for professional cleaning in Ashford, Kent.
  22. ProTeam Cleaning Services

    Cleaning services of all types whether residential or commercial are available at affordable cost. It includes gutter cleaning, window cleaning, roof cleaning, driveway and patio cleaning etc. with best and high level cleaning techniques including steam cleaning. Call 754-175-7383 now for cleaning services in Tonbridge, Kent.
  23. Girl, 2, dies after drinking cleaning chemicals from soda bottle

    This article does not tell the truth behind this story. I am saray g mosso the older sister of Marily mosso and I know the truth behind her death. To start off she did drink the chemical that is true since I was the one who ran to my parents when I was 4 and told them she drank the chemical but the chemical that she drank only caused vomit and nothing else. It was even proven the chemical did not kill her because my dads boss at the time even drank the chemical to prove the point that the chemical only causes vomit. The real cause of her death was that the doctor who pumped her stomach to get the chemical out punctured her lung 3 times which caused her to have liquid go into her lungs. It was the fault of the hospital and especially the doctor who did not know what she was doing. I am writing this comment because I am bothered by the fact that this article makes it seem that it was my father's fault but it was no one fault ONLY the doctors and hospital fault. Since it was the doctors fault and was going to do time in prison my parents decided what was best was to let the doctor have her license removed since she had kids and my parents did not want her children to suffer from the mistakes she made. As well there is not much information on her since my parents wanted to keep her story out of the public eye as much as possible. Her death had a huge impact on me and my parents especially knowing that the police thought that it was my parents fault and even believed they abused me and my sister marily and that is not true at all. My parents are very loving and have always been there for me and have supported me in what I want to do. This is why I wrote this comment because this article bothers me knowing that it does not tell the truth behind her death. She will never be forgotten since she lives in my heart every single day and even my younger siblings who cake years after her passing also know her since we tell them stories on how she was like even if her time on earth was short she made a huge impact on everyone around her. Even if I was young when she passed away. Other than that I wanted to clear the information about this article and tell the truth since this article did sadden me since it is not the TRUTH behind her death.
  24. Footwear

    Often you could use footwear as a shoe cover to protect your shoes from being soiled. You can buy Slip chucks on amazon among other websites if you don't have any foot wear of your own. All you need do is remove one shoe and put the slippers on over it, then put the opposite shoes back on. But there are also some prevention strategies you can use with this simple slip-on solution: be sure to move them down each time you walk so they don't make contact with anything "dirty". Changing often will also cut down on odor (frequent wetness + bacteria buildup), but do keep in mind that no matter what, they're still an essentially disposable product by design! Footwear can serve the purpose as a shoe cover, but be sure to buy your footwear with that use in mind. - The price varies depending on how well made the footwear is and what style it is (e.g., cheap canvas shoes are much cheaper) - You will want two pair of laces, one extra long for tying around the feet so they don't slip out and one regular length to lace over top of that. - Some footweares might have nonelastic looking fabric at their seam allowance; this would work better than having some elastic or rubberized ankle closure because we need what we have on hand, not something new to buy for an old project! :-) The best place is still online at places like Amazon. Another source i know is https://www.johnsonmedicalchina.com/shoe-covers For example, there's this one called Solemate - Shoe Covers for Girls and Boys running from toddler up through adults and all sizes of shoes available. It does say however, that it works best with soles; so if your shoes don't have soles then the solemate won't work or protect it as well when you're kicking something over or whatever.
  25. Lessons Learned from 1st job

    thanks for sharing
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