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  1. Wax for Vinyl Siding

    We charge an additional 25.00 for wax on any house wash, wax goes directly into the wash mix. Along with the wax treatment the customer gets an 18 month warranty against mold or mildew regrowth on the siding. I would say 90-95% of homeowners pay the extra 25.
  2. Hot water skid direction

    Careful putting the heaviest up close to the tongue, I bend the tongue down on a little single axle trailer last year from over loading. Surprised the crap out of me when it did it, pretty well touched the ground. Good thing I have a good friend that is a welding wiz.
  3. Man that is freaking funny, any word on the job though?
  4. Removing whitewash off of red brick

    Here is a photo of it. I am starting to think that I might pass on this. Seems like it might be a super pain to maintain consistency on the house.
  5. I have a customer that wants the whitewash lightened on their redbrick. I am guessing that the previous homeowners had it done pretty white, well now this lady wants more of the red brick to shine through. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have 4gpm, 4000psi and hot water. This is a first for me I haven't ever had a request for this one.
  6. Democrat ? Republican ? Independent ?

    Fred Thompson in 08
  7. Democrat ? Republican ? Independent ?

    I am a true conservative. I think GW has just really let the base of the party down and has turned out to be not all that conservative on several issues. I am sick and tired of working every day just so the people that take advantage of our intitlement society that we created can go home and eat prime rib while we are eating Mac and Cheese. I used to be an asst manager at a grocery store and it would burn my ass at the beginning of the month when we would cut the biggest packs of the best meat because we knew it would sell quick, and not for cash. I had one customer that had a Motorola Star Tac(right when they first came out) and about 5 screaming kids that she no more paid attention to as the man on the moon, but she always had a full cart of brand name. Hell the first time I seen her phone was the first time I had ever seen one in person. I believe socialized healthcare will not work, look at our educational system. Most people in countries that have it hate it. I hear people say that "I just can't afford my medicines" I agree that crap is high without insurance, BUT if the gov't wasn't paying for 90% of medicines consumed to you really think it would be that high. Supply and demand says no, because people wouldn't beable to afford it. Anyone that says there is no work out their ain't looking either, I have never went more than a week without work unless I choose too. People are so dang lazy now and expect it all to be handed to them. Here in conservative based Missouri and disaster strikes we start fixing things, not sit there and wait on the Gov't to show up, when did that become the gov't job. I am also tired of rebuilding the same house 2 and 3 times with my tax money. Ok I am done ranting. Thank You guys
  8. Rust on Cloth Awning

    Hey everyone I need some help getting some rust stains out of a cloth type of awning. I have tried my standard house wash mix, minus the SH and it didn't touch it. Thanks.
  9. national window cleaning forum

    Yeah Ron, here is the link to the forum, NationalWindowCleaningDirectory.com Forums :: Index After you register a mod has to approve you, I ended up IM the owner of the site to get it done.
  10. national window cleaning forum

    I finally got it solved, I IMed a couple of the mods and got it done then. Thanks
  11. Hey guys I was wanting to see what everyone else is doing to clean windows with a arch in them. This particular window is about 22ft to the bottom, then the window is about 10ft tall and probably 6ft wide, no real good way for me to work it even with a ladder.
  12. Contract in Word Doc

    Hey Ron I will take one if your still in the giving mood, It is greatly appreciated. 573-358-8821
  13. Hey guys I was just seeing if anyone else was a member over at that forum. I have applied 2 times and neither time has my account been approved. One of my users is cmturner. If someone could PM one of the mods for me I would appreciate it, I got lots of questions coming up that need some answers. Thanks everyone
  14. Thanks for your help guys. I am waiting to here back from the culligan man now on a DI tank. I think I am gonna go ahead and buy a 45ft tucker single hose with a dispenser, just in case I need to use some detergent. Most people I have been talking to don't even use soap as long as they got good water. I am thinking I will order a couple good brushes with it also. I am thinking that I might even start using it on low windows even, from what I have been reading they are using them overseas everywhere.
  15. Considering a water fed pole system, probably a tucker type C with a tucker DI tank. Are the windows cleaned with a WFP as clean as windows cleaned with a swab and a squeege. Also should I go with the type C or something else. Just wanting some feedback from people who have used them. Thank you