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  1. TGS worth $$$

    Only 17 million now. ouch.
  2. Great carpet cleaning chemical

    Responding to an old thread here, but I have to agree with Ryan. Folex is unbelievable. I have not had a stain not come out yet using it. I picked some up at Target for 4.99 I think. I am thinking trying to clean my carpets with next time I do them. The children safe aspect and the odorless scent are on the mark too. Probably the best carpet cleaner I have used so far.
  3. That's an excellent post! I think this is a good qualifier to read before you write a business plan (which is my personal achillies heel) to see where you would lineup as an business.
  4. Getting Shot Down!

    Had to chime in on this one since I am generally a lurker... I have sold cars in the past and I had the same thing happen to me (albeit not as profitable as Ken's). Guy drove in a Mustang II (remember them?) and all the sales guys disappeared, leaving me to take him. Less than two hours later, he was driving his brand new Celica home.
  5. Welcome New Members! ..Introduce yourself

    Hi all, Newbie to TGS and to all the boards I have been reading related to the PW business. I must say the people in this business are some of the most helpful and insightful around. I am just getting started in pressure washing and looking to get a business up and running while I currently work full time. I have been reading everything I can and I think it is a great choice for me to expand into this arena. I see a large amount of people posting are from the southern regions so I wonder how the northerners get by when the weather turns. I am in PA, just outside Philadelphia so I would imagine a few months are out due to temps. I would to talk to anyone around Philly, I think there are a few here! I will surely have more questions as I get going, but I figured now was as good a time as any to stop lurking. Michael