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  1. where is the location of the painted area? (section of the home) garage, foundation etc.. what is the approx. sq. footage? pictures would be greatly appreciated. im located in monmouth cty.(about 1 3/4 hrs) would like to help you out with this. thanks Ron
  2. Shirts at the Beach

    please add me Full Throttle PowerWash LLC thanks Ron Santana
  3. garden hose downstreaming?

    what kind of repeat business can you expect and is it feasible to to see yourself charging upwards of 100/per hr (to cover business expenses and still show a profit)a 6 hr job i'm sure didn't get charged near enough but then again its how you sell yourself or the job just curious as to what prompts this kind of thinking. (garden hose vs pw, im sure insurance would be cheaper, then more claims for ladder accidents) im really not seeing this
  4. Fairfield New Jersey

    Hey , i'm in central nj. i'm always looking for work Ron Santana 732.618.8050 Full Throttle P/W LLC Thanks
  5. Anthony, what was the final amount you wound up charging for this job? just curious 'cause it looks like a lot of time when into this. btw, nice pics Thanks Ron
  6. Ive used both in the past and ended up using the qc's for the attachments its not as smooth and takes up too much reel space . my preference is 100 footers then qc on the end. the fancier you make it the more it costs , and the more time repairing/ maintaining = $$$ lost... my 2 cents Ron S
  7. Poll: What type of pressure washing rig do you use?

    I use a 5gpm h/w unit that used to be on my trailer. I since "semi-retired" the open trailer and purchased an E350 van (short school bus) to be like a maxi van. I needed to secure my equipment and save my vehicle. what a difference to haul every thing . I still utilize the trailer to this date for specialized work, and when a bus is inappropriate, and it keeps you up and running when the main vehicle goes down...........I manage to keep 2 totes of water, 200ft supply, 350ft press. several guns and my reclaim unit with a 90 gal tank. Its still a work in progress because i keep changing, moving things around. I'm looking forward to install my 8gpm diesel unit and remove the 5 gpm which runs on gas. If i can tie in the fuel line to the fuel tank of the bus, that'll be sweet, no more filling units , just the bus!!! Hope this helps with your decision my two cents for what its worth. Ron
  8. estimating Sheet

    if it not too late please include me for both if not more by now full_throttle_power@yahoo.com thanks so much Ron
  9. So what was your first car?

    My first was a '70 442 Olds conv. rocket 455 v8 , 15 yrs old. 30 yrs later i'm driving a honda element, go figure?
  10. How long will pressure washing remain lucrative?

    It is all the way you portray yourself. Think small , be small Think big, be ....... well...., it's still bigger than small. I think it's important not to dwell too much, and just move on.
  11. chlorine lung burns

    I'd rather have an asthma attack than to feel that way guys its no fun not knowing if that next breath is coming or how much pain it's going to bring. its like you're breathing out of an empty 12.5% bottle
  12. if you......you might be a pressure washer

    If you think about replacing your Tide (in the laundry) with chems on your truck .......... you might be a pw'er
  13. Burglarized

    Hugh, You can check the commerce bank(by me they have change machines) to see if guys came in to convert the change at those machines or kiosks and, i guess, the next best bet would be having a video camera installed . Sucks to think you've been violated.
  14. Cell phone etiquette with clients

    I feel pretty much against what seems to be the norm. in this case, not to answer. I always try to answer the call, for the reason sometimes people don't leave messages, especially if its a new person looking for job to be done. (maybe to be done yesterday). I always excuse myself from the client, and also explain the importance of all my calls. (We are ALL important to a lot of people , aren't we?) However, once the call is answered, I limit it to a few seconds , get the best number to reach them and end with "I'll call you back when I'm done with my my client". It's short , sweet , professional, and no missed calls. Just my 2 cents.
  15. Happy Holidays!

    Happy Belated to All !!! Let the 12 days of Christmas begin and continue til 3 Kings Day aka Little Christmas. This is certainy the best time of the year. May next year bring all more psi, quicker rinsing, ..............and tons and tons of referrals Love Peace and Happiness to All !!