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  1. Help Tornado Victims

    http://www.powerwashnetwork.com/shoot-bull/12271-how-help-oklahoma-tornado-victims.html Easy Clean Systems will donate a portion of proceeds from every pressure washer sale between 5/24/2013 and July 1, 2013 to Convoy Of Hope, to help the folks in Moore Oklahoma who have lost so much. We are also asking our manufacturers Alkota, Hydro Tek, MiTM, Steel Eagle, and BE Pressure Supply to match our donations. You can donate directly if you choose at: http://convoyofhope.org/ Moms Against Hunger Red Cross Tornado Relief Will Continue Over Holiday Weekend How to help Oklahoma tornado victims - U.S. News [ATTACH]4345[/ATTACH] Pray for Moore Oklahoma: http://vimeo.com/66676026 Maybe some of the distributors here can help as well?
  2. Dustin, Russ is referring to the Racor / Hydro Tek fuel filter as shown on page #13 of the attached Hydro Tek catalog. If the symptom is: Then most likely you need to replace the filter element Hydro Tek part # BF025.http://easycleansystems.com/PDF_Folder/ECSHydroTekPartsandAccesories2010.pdf I thought exactly the same thing as Russ when I read your post, if you need more help give Russ or me a call.
  3. Unloader Question

    I suggest you replace with a UMR (Unloader Made Ready) See page #34 top left of catalog.http://easycleansystems.com/PDF_Folder/ECS2010Catalog.pdf You can get one of these or similar, from your local distributor probably.
  4. If you are looking for trigger gun recomendations my favorite for up to 8 GPM @ 5000 PSI is the AL35.
  5. John, Silver Eagle has (SE MFG) burners are different from most out there, you would need an adapter plate under neath to mount a Wayne or Beckett burner, in addition to the items Russ mentioned. If the burner is shutting off before it reaches temperature your problem could be: Thermostat Calibration or faulty. Propane tank or piping freezing due to undersized tank or lines. (If the propane tank and or lines are not sized properly they will ice up.) We have worked on a few of these units.....not my favorite:eek:
  6. Welcome back to the NEW TGS on version 3.7.0!

    Beth, Got your e-mail regarding the upgrade, very nice! I have been considering asking the PWN web guy to upgrade to 3.7 :)
  7. joe walters wants me to pay!!

    California P/W Contractors call Rick at Leland Insurance, he is a former power washer, and usually is very competitive with rates. Give Rick a call 916-428-1309 Leland Insurance Sacramento California :)
  8. Sending bypass water to grass?

    Kevin, If you stop by our shop, I will show you how to remedy the bypass problem. I suggest you just run abypass hose in to your float tank. :) 916-638-0828 Easy Clean Systems
  9. lost pressure???

    Sounds like Scott is right on the money! I too suspect you need to replace your unloader. If the pressure increases when you restrict the bypass hose it is usually time for a new unloader.
  10. the new truck

    I am on my second Tundra I picked up the Crewmax in August, my wife drives it every chance she gets! I love the truck!
  11. Hot Water Problems

    I think Cooper is right if the burner comes on for a couple seconds then shuts off, I too would bet you have a dirty fuel filter. When you shut burner off some of the debris in the filter settles making a temporary path for the fuel to flow through the filter. This path quickly plugs when you turn the burner back on. I suggest you always have at least one spare Racor filter on hand. :cup:
  12. Powerwash Network bb gone??

    We will be back! Stay tuned same url
  13. XL 300 All Purpose Cleaner /

    Ken, Assuming you are using our ALL PURPOSE POWDER 2.5 cups per 5 gallons of water should work fine. You may want to consider a Dema downstream injector a unique feature of the Dema downstream injector is that you can inject chemical / soap at high pressure. Call me so we can determine which of our products you are using.
  14. XL 300 All Purpose Cleaner /

    Carlos, We moved to a new location in late October it is about 5 minutes away from where we used to be. We are now located at 11337 Trade Center Drive # 200 Rancho Cordova CA 95742 Here is a link to a Yahoo Map showing our location. http://maps.yahoo.com/maps_result?name=Easy+Clean+Systems&desc=%28916%29+638-0828&csz=Rancho+Cordova+CA+95742&qty=9&cs=10&ds=n&ed=Q9Jjba160SwJ18gYPnz_rtPCPE.wyaJRMM92KP4K2h7ebbRJGbeIxn38VYVlB1O9JjTOlRRE24Ah2pY2nSpf2Il0Pw--&fr=yfp-t-501&gid1=21769909 Stop by if you are in the area.
  15. XL 300 All Purpose Cleaner /

    Ken, XL300 is a concentated liquid cleaner. You may be using our "All Purpose Powder" instead I am at home and don't have access your purchase history until I am back in the office in the morning. Assuming you are using our ALL PURPOSE POWDER 2.5 cups per 5 gallons of water should work fine, if you are trying to put 10 cups of powder in to solution it will require a lot of mixing, you should not need that strong of a mixture . Call me if you need help.