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  1. Lynden, WA. Strip job

    Ken i don't think Lynden is very close to me and aim not very savvy with decks. but i could contact some other reputable contractors that could take care of it if its something you really need done. let me know
  2. converting customers

    i like to tell my customers to think Value not price its like me offering you a pinto for $500 or A Mercedes For $1000 sure the Mercedes is Double the price but which gives you the better Value ... that usualy puts it in perspective for them there getting alot more quality and alot better product for not alot more money
  3. Stolen trucks back, its a mess

    sorry to hear that Ron i just had one of my pressure wash trailers stolen i never got it back. you feel violated it sucks hope things get better for you
  4. iam haveing downsteaming problems. my old downstreamer went out and i had to get a new one well ive tryed 2 diffrent types and i cant get them to draw when running 200' of hp hose. i can put the injector in the middle of the 2 100' hoses and it works but will not draw if i put the injector at the machine. the old one would work anyone got any ideas why ? thanks
  5. Show off your business card!

    here is mine I am working on new one that is front and back. i found a really good place that prints good cards for cheap got 1000 high gloss really think cards for $40 there are some good looking cards out there nice work guys
  6. Pick for NFL playoff weekend of 14-15

    bye bye Colts.. its going to be Pit. and the hawks in the super bowl.. .. HAWKS all the way !!!
  7. Superbowl bound

    SEATTLE IS COMEING BOYS this is our Year
  8. Change company name ?

    If i keep it separate then i will have to have 2 insurance polices and still have to pay the high rate for roofing and still carry a policy for pressure washing right ?
  9. Change company name ?

    Thanks for all the tips guys i haven't decided what i am going to do yet but i think i will consult my CPA I'm kinda jumping into this with both feet hope it doesn't come back to bite me
  10. Hi I'm adding a new services to my business i have hooked up with a company that sells windows siding a roofs, they don't do the work they just make the sells and sub out all there instillations well i have gotten them to make me there sole roof contractor.. i am wondering if i should change the name of my current company to something that would include roofing or should i just start another company under a different name and keep my pressure washing and my roofing separate? is there any advantages or disadvantages either way ? (ie insurance/ taxes ? maybe somebody can point me in the right direction where i can find some good info on this. i know someone here has got an answer.... Also does anyone know of a good Forum for Roofers i really don't know a whole lot about roofs but my buddy who is going in on this with kinda as a partner has been a roofer for another big company here for about 15 years so i will learn allot from him... thanks for your time
  11. WoW Great Site

    Here is a really good site http://www.epinions.com/ to get info on all kinds of stuff here from people that have already used the product. look around its endless the stuff they have info on... Happy holidays Everyone :lgcold:
  12. Customer complaint

    where are you guys getting your name and addresses from ? right now i just drive around and jot them down any one know of a good source for addresses
  13. Customer complaint

    Ive been reading up on bulk mailing you can get a permit and if you do the sorting yourself you can get stuff mailed for as cheap as .12 a piece. go to the usps web site they have all the info there. Ive been taking color glossy fliers i get made for a real good price and i put them in the clear door hanger bags. i don't think its illegal ? anybody have any thoughts on doing it this way
  14. Shane when you say a few squirts of soap are you talking like dawn dish soap or something similar and are you applying that mix straight like with a pumpup or shurflo or downstream/ Xjet thanks agin