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  1. Paint cans left outside can be a problem

    I'd contact a lawyer. What law did they claim you broke?
  2. Paint cans left outside can be a problem

    So what do they expect you to do? Pour the leftover couple of drops down the drain, and toss the empty can off the side of the highway?
  3. Apartment Complex

    Did you get the job? How did you handle the overspray issue?
  4. Burner won't fire

    Yes. You can remove a couple of screws from this switch to reveal a small microswitch. You can control that microswitch manually to troubleshoot.
  5. Need a referal company in every town

    Make sure you're totally informed on fabricating debris before using a razor on glass. Infact, this is a huge liability issue because we have no way of knowing what scratches or damage is hiding under the holiday paint.
  6. My New Giddy UP!

    What do people carry in the PVC pipe?
  7. Trails in the sky.

    Google "chemtrails".
  8. The X-Jet debate

    I bought an xjet to apply some acid based cleaners to concrete. After downsteaming so much, I can not get used to the xjet. Now I'm thinking about making a cart with a 15 gallon drum that has a 12v pump on it to apply cleaners. Or maybe try an injector that's made to handle acid.
  9. Help with chemicals for vinyl siding

    How's that working out for you Celeste, have you used it much yet?
  10. Look, Fenner, this is how poor my customers are

    Scott I had thought about getting those Rockstar rims.. I liked the flat black look, but I figured it may look a little too aggressive. Here's my truck. The lettering has got me quite a bit of work lately. I've only had it lettered for a couple of months.
  11. White chalky vinyl siding

    Richard, ask for the "Waxy Wash". It's red in color and has a strong cherry scent. Pretty thick in the container, but just add a healthy dose to your regular house wash mix. No need to use heat, it's not nearly that thick. We should meet up soon for lunch, I could give you some waxy wash to try out.
  12. Saltless water softeners?

    Are you planning on useing the water softener for home use or for some kind of cleaning application, like cleaning windows? I can't offer much advise if it's for home use, but I know a little bit about cleaning windows with pure water.
  13. We will Start Stenciling everything in sept

    Does anyone think that this may be acceptable in one part of the country and maybe frowned upon in a different part of the country? It's clear that for the most part people from different areas of the country have various ways of thinking.. could this play a role in the stencil marketing? To be honest I'm kinda on the fence. I can see the benefits, but I can also see where some may be upset with an unsolicited stenciling. I am in no way against it though - the saying "you can't argue with results" applies to this in my opinion. If it sells, do it! I've asked a few of my window cleaning customers how they would feel about it. Fast food places to florist. The response was somewhat negative. However, I think it's easier to get forgiveness then permission. Would that lead to a sale though? Guess there's only one way to find out....
  14. White chalky vinyl siding

    Tom it's been my experience that in order to totally remove that chaulky oxidation from vinyl siding you have to brush and use a bit more pressure then "soft washing". I learned this from trying to "fix" a job that somebody did with too much pressure, left zebra stripes all over the siding. I tend to pass on these jobs if the home owner wants the oxidation removed. Too much work and risk. I will offer to clean the mold/mildew/dust dirt and grime off though. However in my housewash mix I do add a waxy solution. I buy a lot of chemical from the company that manfactures those Monster chems for Northern. The stuff I use is just a more concentrated form of that Waxy Wash from Northern. It does add somewhat of a shine to the vinyl siding, and I've noticed it does a pretty decent job on the windows as well.