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  1. Richard, We tried the multi-use concept early on but came to the conclusion that decreasing gpm (5+ to 1 or 2gpm) recommended for carpet cleaning on our larger pw equipment exposes us to equipment repair costs and client asset damage. Not to mention the loss of already limited space on rigs for the additional equipment. But more importantly, employees damaging assets due to "environment" exchange measures (from exterior commercial fleets to interior residential). Repetition is the rule for quality, safety and profit . Different set of BMPs for each field and use of equipment. However, addition of a seperate Carpet Cleaning division has been explored, only a dedicated fleet/equipment concept would our foundation. Be that as it may, in this economic climate anything goes to keep the doors open. The Truckmount we experimented with for dual utilization was 24hp with a 4mp blower. We changed out the pump to a ts2021, and when in pw mode were able to increase the pressure to full power without over powering engine by removing the vac tank cover and almost eliminate blower drag. If I were to attempt it again I would probably go with a 3 cyl or 38hp engine with a clutch installed on the blower and a larger generator head (5000w) for heater/accessory access. Currently we have a fury 2400 vac system that uses the same blower that in conjunction with our Hot units would give use Carpet Cleaning diversity. But for the reasons mentioned above the environment transition would be more costly I think than the field of profit is worth to realize. It should be easier for you switching from carpet cleaning to a pressure washing specialty rather than the other way around for us. I think I did a little contemplating rather than replying ............lol
  2. Deck nightmare

    Thanks all. I know that to not share this retards growth & wisdom. I will rewrite my bid process, contract clauses and implement new job guidlines. I guess this is how to improve procedures & policies, through the difficulties that we're faced with. I continue to read the forums, and learn more everyday. I also understand that in this economy I have run into more of these kind of clients than when the economy was in better shape.
  3. Deck nightmare

    Wife approved on test patch. Husband didnt approve & said he contracted us. Why he didnt say something when he arrived home, cant guess.
  4. Deck nightmare

    More photos. 1st two are 2nd coat 3rd is final coat.
  5. well, here ya go. I need to share this and take your criticism. Three weeks ago I quoted a job for a client on cleaning the sealing his deck. The deck measured out to 1400 sqft, 21 ft rails, and 25(x5) lin ft of stairs. The deck was 4-5 years old and never been sealed/stained. Customer wanted us to "clean & seal" deck. No color was specified or wanted. We just started doing decks this year and bid $0.79($1264) sqft thinking we were in the low ballpark but would be a great job to add to our portfolio. The customer said he had 2 quotes under ours and he wanted us to do it because a mutual friend referred us, yet he couldnt go any higher than the middle bid @ $974.00 thats $0.61 sq ft(are any of you actually doing decks for this low?) We used EFC65 to clean, then brightened/neutralized. And returned to seal w/clear deckscapes sealer. Now, when we arrived only the wife was home, so we did a small area & had her view this for approval. She approved and said it looks great. So we mask off and fininish the deck seal (pics attached). About when we were loading the last of our tools in the truck the husband comes out(we didnt see him arrive as we were around back) and tells us the color is what he wanted, its too bright/yellow. I told him we had his wife come out and approve the test area & she didnt mention any problems with the color at that time. He cut me off mid sentence & said "his wife didnt commission us", and the color is unacceptable. Well, in attempt to sooth the customer We agreed to restain the deck with his choice of color for a measly $350.00. Now heres the situation. I just started using the Deckscapes product so I call the Sherwin Williams tech & ask if it is possible to just reapply over the coat we just applied or if we needed to strip back & neutralize? Probably should have asked you guys instead eh? He told me we most certainly could just reapply new color seeing as the products were the same. We did! Using Deckscapes transparent stain. Now, we have a customer complaining that he didnt want us to "paint" his deck(both coats combined gave us a solid stain result), the final product is unacceptable and that he wanted it stripped and re-stained at our expense. Once again, to soothe the customer, we agreed that it does look like a painted deck & would correct the problem (because the guy that referred us is an influential friend) until he was satisfied. We stripped & re-stained (pics attached), and it has been 5 days yet no final payment or return call. He gave us a $500.00 deposit leaving a balance of $824.00. A low bid to start with and an obscene loss in re-doing deck. And were assuming he's unhappy with the final product from no return call or payment. Never had a customer this difficult. We even removed stains from brick on the back of his house, and repainted the support poles on deck to match deck color. How far do you bend over for customers to retain integrity & honorable business practices? Cleaning [ATTACH]7602[/ATTACH] Brighten & 1st color [ATTACH]7603[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]7604[/ATTACH]
  6. Chemical for De-Identifying

    graphics removal is an animal of its own. It seems you all accomplish the process your own way. We have been doing just De-ID on semi trailers & such for around 15 years and we use propane torches, vapor steamers & chemicals whenever it requires. The trick is getting the vinyl off without adhesive seperation. Blasting them off has only created a clean-up problem and damage to substrates, the stuff has to be peeled off, with a heat source(vapor steam @280-300F 60-90psi is our preferred method). The adhesive is another matter. Applying adhesive remover with spryer(*when adhesive is dry) letting it dwell for 1-2minutes, then quickly respraying to re-activate and powerwashing off. D-limonene is what we buy 55drum, ZEP Big Orange works well, Rapid Remover is good but very expensive. Plastic scraper (Lil Chislers) are what we use to get under the vinyl. Laquer thinner is tooo toxic, alcohol is tooo slow, it should be D-limonene based product +75%. Age of graphics, type of material and climate conditions play major roles. And by any means, make sure it is not metalic based vinyl before bidding, if it is reflective call me, DO NOT BLAST IT OFF. Rich Clos CC Signs & Specialties Graphics Removal Experts 313-231-1477
  7. Like a Virgin

    Never a secret to a brother in the business Shane. I have learned so much from all here it would be a travesty to not contribute back. Well Shane, I used 3 products for the test. Sureclean 600, Sureclean Ferrous Stain Remover then Diedriech 101. The product that work most efficiently was the Diedriech101. I did it in its pure form, then tried diluting it w/less effectiveness which required 3 applications. The un diluted mix was thorough at two applications the rinse with 3000psi 160F heat, running a 12'' spinner to contain the splash danger. Then I hit the rest of the home w/3500psi and a turbo nozzle. Rich Clos Steam Slinger Powerwashing Taylor, MI. 48180 313-231-1477
  8. Like a Virgin

    Just finished our first brick retore job. Tested area, pre sprayed plants, covered with plastic, then used the most effective product. Took me (one man) 3 hours to do the affected areas then pressure spray the entire home & front porch. Charged $310.00. Very happy customer and several cards handed out to neighbors who want estimates. Looks promising. Thanks for all your help all. Rich Clos Steam Slingers Powerwashing Taylor, MI
  9. We have our setup (a hot 5-3500 mashine & 4-3700 cold machine w/24'' steel eagle surface cleaner and 300gal tank) in a 17 passenger van(very tight). I was hoping to down size the supply tank . What would be the smallest tank we could go without losing volumn? It seems that when we hook up to clients spigots we lose volumn(pw starts spitting/choking) so I figured the tank was essential but how big? Also we have a 5x8 trailer we could relocate the tank to and @ full be under the 3500lb axle capacity(thats what i need to look at right?) But the tank in the trailer would be positioned lower than the machine restricting the gravity feed process, so should we install some sort of pump between the trailer & the van to maintain volumn when operating this way? If so, what kind of pump should we install? Any help wold be helpful Rich Clos Steam Slingers Powerwashing Taylor, MI
  10. Walk in Freezer

    Sparkie, Preferred Pressure simply put, gives you the optimum, most efficient process. Cold/freezing or not use hot water, capture immediatly 7 it never has a chance to freeze. We did our first cooler in a local grocery mart and have landed many such accounts since. First time, we went in with a 30'' steeleagle surface cleaner & 3500-5 LAnda hot water unit, pre sprayed(mixture of dawn detergent / D-limonene/ bleach) heavy soil and tarpped off any product that was still in the unit. There are usually grated floor drains accross the threshold @ entrance. We start on the floors set the temp to high and the ambient temp from washing the floors drops quickly enough to then hit the walls (after lowering temp) without causing de-lamination (pooping sounds, oops!) on the wall panels. If you dont have a water capture process, have 2 guys(there goes the profit margin) on squeegees, and damn the water as you move from furthest point from door toward door/drain. Or get a small pump and a couple of daming socks, then you only need one guy on squeegee. Good luck and remember use a fragrant cleaner, it gets smelly when you thaw out cold foods. And customers always seem to feel like its clean when it smells clean. Rich Steam Slingers Powerwashing 313-231-1477 ccsigns@comcast.net
  11. Winter blues

    We have just started ourselves, but we are cold calling local grocery store for work. It seems they need thier dairy coolers & loading docks cleaned for FDA guidlines. The trick is water containment, and covering products from overspray. Heat kicks butt, and it is 1st shift work, but work is work. Oh yea, were making about 256.00 per dairy cooler @1200Sq FT. takes about 2-5 hrs depending on the staff moving products from one side to another and direction of water flow to drains when they have them. Check it out
  12. Like a Virgin

    Hi everyone, my name is Rich Clos, and am gearing up for my first year in this new business. Weve established our name as CC Signs & Specialties llc, DBA Steam Slingers Powerwashing. I am 40 yrs old, married 11 yrs this month to my beautiful & awsome wife Deb, have one son Shawn junior in college, & the rulers of the houshold Becca & Miles(we rescued him & hes a freek, but a very regal one) our chocolate labradors. I have researched a great deal(continue to need more) info here & around. Have done several "teeth cutting" jobs powerwashing/cleaning some semi-trailer fleets, landed a cleaning contract with a local propane distributer(8 bulk trucks, 6 stake bulk carriers, 5 service P/Us). We are shooting for MAR 01 to implement the 1st phase of our marketing plan, and are hoping for the best. We are targeting specifc areas with visable white residue, phospherrous stains/ calcium, that has stained the homes brick, from old/current white siding around windows, facia, soffit. We currently (15 years) operate a small sign business doing strictly fleet identification/de-identification for our own leads/customer base & sub contract for several other national graphics companies. Last year we net around & 75K and decided to expand. In may06 I acquired a Landa PGHW5-3500 w/112 hrs, 30''steel eagle surface washer, 400ft HP hose, 2 reels, 400ft water hose, 2- 36'' double wands, 1-72'' single wand, extension pole, misc fittings/gaskets and a 375 gal tank. We already owned 2-3800PSI cold water machines, scaffolds, ladders, & 5X 8 trailer. Upon acquisition of this PW equipment we loaded it into the 5X8 trailer & used it for many of our current jobs in fleet graphics, and were slowly being asked to perform additional cleaning for graphics prep work/post work. It seems the Landa doesnt operate its best with just a spicot hookup, so we loaded the tank into the trailer for direct operation. It's was a little tight in that trailer(SEE PIC), but we limped around for the rest of the year until I ran accross a great deal on a 1986 Dodge 350van 17passenger, with only 56, 000 original miles which now houses the full unit. Now, considering the fact that we live in SE Michigan, there is a question of finding winter work when the temps are below like 32F with >12MI wind chill. Q: Just how cold are you guys washing? Any special recdomendations? Anyhow, I have been brainstorming into various work that would not be affected by the climate, I think I have a few unique ideas, whta are you guy/gals doing? What do most of you find to be the most profital areas of our work? We havent ventured into the 2 step process that most of the guys in our area use, & are not certain we want to go that way(toxicitity, environment concerns), nor do we have a recapture process that makes any job profitable to venture toward. So we are mostly going to try and stay close to houses and decks, with minor fleet work where recaturing our water would be an issue. We have only used a product called SE675, no acids and dont have anything but a downstream method for application(mostly dilute detergents in bucket & brush). We also purchase a chemical called DiLimonene by the Drum and have added it to some of our cleaning jobs for grease/tar/bugs. It would seem most of you are using the Xjet nozzle, i'm curious how that would handle the DiLimonene? Probably just another thing to buy & try as we did with the turbo nozzle(quite pleased). This board is very helpful & I hope that it may be possible to participate as we walk the path so many of already passed. Thank You Rich Clos Steam Slingers Powerwashing Taylor, MI. 313-231-1477 ccsigns@comcast.net