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  1. Not trying to sound like a smart ass at all but I guess you didn't read my post. I have been in business 38 years, I know what to do, I had a paper from the government telling what to do, I LOST IT and would like another copy if anyone on here had a copy I sent them in the past. Tried calling the government and the morons working there now just say, We'll get back with you. That will never happen.
  2. First, I'm not sure if it was this site or not but it's worth a try, Quite a few years back in a topic about collecting taxes, someone was asking about what should they do. I sent some people in that topic a copy I had from the government of a revised 1986 law about collecting taxes showing we were exempt as it was all labor. A new account I have just acquired is requesting a copy and as you can guess, I lost my copy as I have not needed it in over 10 years. If anyone reading this should be one of the people I sent a copy to, I would appreciate a copy back. You can reach me on here or at onaprwl@yahoo.com thanks for any help.
  3. How much did it cost you to start?

    I started at 22 and it didn't seam to make any difference. It depends on how you present yourself and you abilities to preform good work.
  4. How much did it cost you to start?

    I decided to sell the truck stop/wash and go mobile so I went out on a Monday and spoke to 4 companies, Pepsi Cola, Ryder, NorthAmerican Van Lines, and Fayard Trans.. I had all four companies before lunch. Now all I needed was a machine and some soap. I rented a preasure washer from the local rental company for $30.00 and called the guy that sold me soap when I had the truck stop/wash. About $150.00 in chemicals and the machine, and I was in business. I did some independents on weekends for cash that paid for the rental of the machine all week and the soap and contuniued this until the profits from the large companies came in. When the money started to flow came the new machines, insurance and another truck. the only advertising I have ever done was a business card so when peoplke asked what was the name of the company or how to get in touch with me, I handed them one. That has been the extent of my advertising for 31 years. I stopped handing out cards 8 years ago but that hasn't seem to change anything.
  5. my new toy

    I use to have that problem also. She was always telling me I didn't need another car, and after 4 I was starting to think she was right. I bought her this for her birthday, July, last year.Amazing how she doesn't care what I buy now!!!!
  6. my new toy

    Most recent toy still being assembled..
  7. If I Had 100,000 Dollars I Would

    Well this is what I did with my $100.000, actually $130.000 by the time I finished it, but now at least I have a place to put my cars.
  8. Lets Talk NOLA!!

    Best way to get any contract........Be good, honest and the best at what you do, the rest comes easy! It's called....word of mouth. Been working for me for 27 years. I quit advertising 5 years after I went in business in 1979. All of my Gov. contracts , fleets, and hoods have been from others that knew my work and told others to use us. It is one thing in business that can make you rich as hell or broke and needing to find other work, quick. I just aquired another huge account, like I need more work, from one of my accounts telling them they need to use us. Apporximately 4000 vehicles. I can't handle it all, and don't want it, so I will be choosing other vendors to accept working, contract labor for me. A couple are already comming down to work with me to learn what and how we do things. If and when I am satisfied they fit my expectations, I will give them all they can handle. The contract wants me to cover 4 states. I have all the work I want and have for quite some time, but I have learned in the past, saying no to more work sometimes comes arround to bite you on the ...well you get the idea. How to get contracts, who to talk to, what to say, doesn't mean jack, if you're not great at what you're doing.
  9. my new toy

    My present toys. Not really muscle cars but still fun to drive.
  10. my new toy

    It was a chevy, 1960 impala. When dad gave it to me it had a 283 with a automatic and burned more oil than gas. He told me if I wanted a car here was one, make it run. Boy he never expected this. 468 chevy, pop up pistons, 8 1/2 to 1 comp. 671 blower with fuel injection. I put a 4 speed from a corvette in it, positraction rear and 24" wide Mickey Thompsons. Broke the right front a frame twice pulling wheelies. It was the first car I entered in the world of wheels in 1969. I have only missed three world of wheels since then. I have had cars, boats, 18 wheelers, 4x4s, motorcycles in the world of wheels every year since. I kinda got hooked.
  11. my new toy

    Beautiful car. Nothing like a muscle car. I was 17 when I built this one. My first muscle car.
  12. Gillette Foamy Shaving Cream

    As for the shaving I mostly do it in the shower as well but I have found that when not in the shower the cream does make the razor move a lot easier. Chris, We are about the same age and I too have found that you give the ladies thier way for piece........but in a slightly different way. I told my wife I was looking at another sports car about 3 years ago. She said, don't you have enough toys now. You don't need another toy. Got tired of hearing her ***** about the idear so I said OK, bought the car, put it in storage, drive it when I want, everyones happy. That worked for about 2 years until one day when out in the car I suddenly realized I forgot to do something very important at home. Ran straight home, pulled up in the driveway ...........and you guessed it, forgot what I was in! Oh well.....she got over it!
  13. A Little Pick-Me-Up After a Bad Day

    After a bad day I have a little different idear for a pick me up.......
  14. If I Had 100,000 Dollars I Would

    Skip this. It didn't work. I don't know what I did. men and thier toys.zip